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How to Prepare for Your First Marketing Meeting

Those new to marketing or those who are taking their first ventures into outsourcing their marketing, want to make sure they are getting the most out of their investment, and rightfully so.  

Signing up for marketing services and making the most out of your resources can help your business grow in a major way. Marketing efforts from an established firm will help you attract new customers, develop effective strategies to achieve your goals, and forge a strong brand identity that will stand the test of time. 

Marketing to Gen Z with Authentic Content

Marketing your business to people between 27 and 15, also known as Generation Z, is essential in today’s economic climate. The oldest of this generation are earning salaries and looking at big purchases, while the youngest are starting their first jobs and learning to budget their income. Gen Z has money to spend, but figuring out what they want and how to market to them can leave some marketers scratching their heads. 

Silhouette of a man on a beach at sunset text reads How Do You Make an Emotional Connection with your audience?

When it comes to marketing your brand, you want your campaigns to make an impression. Audiences remember those brands whose advertising efforts stand out.

What Does Authenticity Look Like in a Brand?

Every business is looking to get ahead when it comes to their marketing efforts. For many, that means investing time, money, and effort into sprawling marketing campaigns that are designed to draw in new audiences and strengthen existing ones.  

In today's climate, some of the most effective marketing campaigns are those that lean into authenticity. What does that mean for a business? It means showcasing your marketing message plainly and transparently. Oftentimes, this will include testimonials from customers, spots featuring real employees, and minimally edited. 

The Story of a Brand

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a hundred years, your brand has a story. Your customers and clients want to hear your story, as it helps a sense of authenticity shine through. They want a glimpse at your past, your business's goals, its values, and how your philosophy aligns with theirs.  

Instagram Reel Post with a Heart 'Like'

Instagram has recently announced a significant update aimed at improving the visibility and distribution of content from smaller, original content creators. This move is intended to balance the playing field, which has historically favored creators with large followings and aggregators of reposted c...

How to Identify Your Slow Season

After running your business for several years, you will undoubtedly notice that the flow of business is not consistent throughout the year. The ebbs and flows of business can be unnerving to beginners, but more experienced business owners understand that changes in the market are normal and that they usually follow patterns from one year to the next.  

User Journey on a Website

Your website tells your company's story. It is an account of who you are, what you've done, and what you have to offer your customers. Because of that, your website must be designed with your customers in mind. Whether your website contains three pages or three hundred pages, you need to consider how you want to use it to tell your story. 

The Importance of a Good Hook in Your Messaging

There is only one way to catch your reader's attention.

You need a powerful hook! A hook summarizes your reader's pain points in a concise message that uses wit or reward to draw them in. Sometimes a hook will be a joke or a catchy phrase. Sometimes it will be a promise. But it is always an eye-grabbing statement that attracts relevant readers and makes them want to keep reading.  

The Role Good Storytelling Plays in Marketing

Storytelling is powerful. It is the reason we return to our favorite books and movies over and over and learn valuable life lessons from fictional narratives. Storytelling is also an extremely powerful tool when it comes to marketing.

Google Business Profile Update

Google has recently put out an update that is important for all business owners to be aware of.

In this article, we will explain what a google business profile is, the new update, and how your business can benefit from implementing the update.  

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