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Legend Web Works will be closed on the following dates for the Holiday Season: December 25, 2023 - January 1, 2024.
In the event of a business emergency, please email [email protected] or call 513-254-9081 for assistance during this time.


The Essential Guide t Navigating Website ADA Compliance

When you are building a website, one of the most important things to consider is your compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This civil rights law prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. While handicapped parking spots and service ramps might be more common topics of discussion revolving around the ADA, websites have certain requirements too.

A laptop. The text reads. "How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile"

Your online presence is one of the most important aspects of your business in today's world. Data collection firm Bright Local estimated in its 2023 "Local Customer Review Survey" that today 98% of consumers use the internet to find information about local businesses. 

That means that people in your area are not using phone books, or driving from street to street to find businesses, they are using Google. As a result, if your Google Business Profile is not up to speed, then you are letting customers slip through your fingers. 

How Email Marketing Keeps Your Customers Engaged

As a business owner, you know that email marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. When you send an email, you place yourself in a strong position to spark correspondence with potential clients, customers, and business partners.

Employee Spotlight: Cody Hale

Today we will introduce you to Cody Hale, our Project Manager for web development. He plays a key role in understanding our clients’ needs and ensuring those needs are translated to the webpage.  

Your End-of-Year Website Audit Checklist

Regularly updating and maintaining your website is crucial to the success of your online presence. This includes not only refreshing your content but also examining the technical aspects of your site. One effective way to ensure your website is performing optimally is to conduct an end-of-year website audit. 

A woman holding a tablet, smiling. The text reads, "The Role of a Marketing Agency: Powering Business Growth"

Your business needs a clear, streamlined path to sustainable success online. You need to develop digital marketing strategies that set your business apart and create compelling content that attracts prospective customers and converts them into loyal clients. To accomplish all this, you need a digital marketing agency.

Three women around a laptop, one of the women is pointing to the screen. The text reads, "Role of a Website Agency: Transforming Your Online Presence with a Website"

Every business needs an online presence to compete in today's world. A high-quality website can transform your business and serve as a 24/7 silent salesman, collecting leads and making sales while you sleep.

A smartphone, the text reads "Unlocking Digital Marketing Success Using Reputation Management"

Digital marketing success does not happen overnight. It takes a strong and continuous effort to find success and attract customers to your site. 

New Role: Director of Marketing at LWW!

Legend Web Works is expanding! We are always on the lookout for ways to strengthen and optimize our team, and we are pleased to announce that we have carried out this goal by adding a new position to our growing marketing team, the Director of Marketing! 

Employee Spotlight: Cassidy Grence – Graphic Designer

Welcome back to another entry in the Legend Web Works series “Employee Spotlight!”. 

In this series, we sit down with our employees to discuss their roles, personal interests, and how they make Legend Web Works a better place to work.  

You know Legend Web Works as a superior website development and digital marketing firm, now it’s time to meet the team.    

A person typing on a keyboard in front of 2 monitors. The text reads "Why You Shouldn't DIY Web Design"

Whether you are building a new website or revamping an existing one, the riskiest thing you can do is to DIY your web design.  

Every business needs a high-quality website to compete in the modern digital age. Websites generate revenue, gather leads, serve as a platform for communication, and – perhaps most importantly of all – they give customers and clients a strong first impression of your brand.

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