Hosting, Email & Domains


Hosting, Email & Domains

It's Secure, it's monitored, it's included.

These services typically aren't in the spotlight but they are the bones and workhorses for your operation.

Professional management and configuration of your web hosting, domain(s), and your email service. Rest assured that that all of your accounts are renewed, safe and monitored at all times.

We connect and manage it all for you:

  • Domain registration, management and renewals
  • Domain pointing, DNS management and renewals
  • Email server configuration
  • 24/7 hosting accounting monitoring
  • Daily backups


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Hosting, Email & Domain Packages

Website Hosting

The storage, security and reliability you need from your web hosting.

This is where all of your files are stored so your website can display on the internet.  It’s secure and monitored 24/7.  Our Tier IV data center is strictly business when it comes to up time, monitoring and maintenance.


Choose from our standard or elite hosting depending on your needs.


1GB of storage space


100GB of storage space


Email Hosting

Communicating via email with your company domain builds confidence and trust in your customers.

Create personal email addresses for your team members, set up forwarding rules, auto responses and access your messages securely wherever there is internet access.


Additionally if you are using an external exchange mail provider such as Google Mail or Office 365 our team can work with your provider to ensure your email is still sent to the right place.

Domain Management

Domain management entails transferring, registering, name servers & renewing, Oh My! 

Transferring and pointing your domain can be confusing and time consuming to manage if you aren’t familiar with the process.  We handle all of this for you so you can be confident your domain is secure and renewed each year.

If you want to manage your domain yourself you can do that too. We'll provide you with the information you need to point it your new website.