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Cincinnati Website Support & Training

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Superior Support and Training for Your Website

Your website is one of the most important assets your business has. You need to know how to use all the features and you need top-quality support should you encounter any problems.  

Each website is unique, so you need a team of qualified and compassionate professionals who know what it takes to help you work through problems and other digital issues.  

Our support team is made up of communication experts. They are the perfect mediators between you and your business and the Legend Web Works development team. They can take any issues you are having and communicate to the developers the changes that need to be made for your site to work for you.  

This includes working with you to discover bugs and work through troubleshooting. This comes in the form of traditional help desk support and technical support where you can voice the issues you have encountered and our support team will walk you through solutions, or communicate your needs to our development team so they can make the necessary adjustments.  

Communication Experts Are Here to Help

Our superior support and training make domain management and website hosting a breeze. It starts with training you on how to use the top features our sites offer, understanding your needs to ensure your site is working towards your goals, and support once training ends to ensure that your site is always functioning at peak capacity. 

Our support goes beyond bug fixes and troubleshooting. We also handle, upgrades and maintenance, distributing training materials, documenting issues, distributing engaging video tutorials, unbeaten phone support during business hours, and knowledge base management that works on an ongoing basis so you are never out of the loop.  

Customer feedback and satisfaction are our highest priority. Legend Web Works is always here for you to make sure your site is working for you and your business.  

To discuss any site issues you are having or to start a conversation on building a responsive site, reach out to Legend Web Works here! 

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