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A Flexible Website Platform to Meet Your Evolving Needs

All great works of art started as a blank canvas. There never was a poem that wasn't first an empty page.  

The same is true with your website! 

At Legend Web Works, we understand the importance of a flexible website platform. We understand that it is important for you to be able to quickly and easily update the content on your website. We understand that you need us to know more than you! 

That is why we build our software in-house. We build on a platform developed by passionate, creative, and collaborative designers and developers who are aces. They have developed a platform that is easy to use, navigate, and found on Google. 

We also know that what you want today, may not meet your needs 1, 2, or 5 years from now. We are able to adjust, adapt or even rebuild your website to meet these needs. We have a team of staff, in our local office, that can make this happen for you.

Website Development Features:

Software Integrations

Not everything can always be built in one place or it doesn't make financial sense to recreate something that already exists. Whether you need us to integrate an API, CRM, payment processor, or database, our team has over twenty years of experience making different software communicate well with one another.  

Custom Builds

Outside of the box idea? Want full control over your own software instead of a subscription to another company - this is where we excel. We have a team of developers who work on bringing your ideas to life. We will help you scope out your project, flesh out ideas and build it to help bring your vision to life.  


We invest heavily in security - from a sophisticated platform and firewalls to 24/7 server security and monitoring.  This helps keep your information, and your customers, secure.

Website Training

The software is only good if you can use it yourself! With more than twenty years of creating digital solutions for businesses, our team will not only map out the best way for you to use your software behind the scenes, we will train you on how to use all the tools to make sure that your investment makes your life easier.  

Content Management Tools

Building your software is just the beginning - content management tools help enhance your software. Our goal is to give you the tools to edit and expand some of your functionality so you can use it to keep growing your business. Whether working at the office or from your kid's pediatrician's appointment working on your cell phone, our tools were designed to work with you from anywhere.  

Website Testing

Months of planning and building go into custom development, so it needs to work when you launch. Our team is experienced in looking for places where software may need to be adjusted based on a variety of factors including screen display sizes and browsers.  Our team will test your software thoroughly prior to launching anything we build for you. 

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