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School Website & Communication Platform

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Superior Website for Your School

At Legend Web Works, we are very proud to have created high-quality websites for school districts all over the United States. Your school website is a unique genre of website. If you want the best results, you need a company that has experience building sites for schools.

For school websites, parents, students, teachers, and administrators need to quickly be able to find relevant information and quickly distribute resources. Our school sites offer responsive designs that anyone can use. This makes it easy for parents to find information like event schedules and calendars, news and announcements, registration and enrollment forms, online payment forms, and more!

Our feature-rich websites offer school districts and communication directors the ability to edit their websites 24/7 from any device, including their cell phones.

School Website Platform Features:

Banner Alerts

From opening Kindergarten registration to snow days, some messages need to be prioritized. With banner alerts, you can display important information at the top of every webpage to ensure that everyone sees it when they are on site.  

Dark Site

Emergencies happen and getting the attention of everyone is hard to do. Our dark site will shut down all pages of your website except a news feed so that all who are on your site are receiving up-to-date information from you in real time - all in one place.


Bring your school spirit shop online! From selling t-shirts to mugs, your online store can sell for you 24/7 and generate funds for your school and boosters without the need for more volunteers to have to operate a storefront during school hours.

Registration & Enrollment Forms

Everyone wants information at their fingertips and that includes forms. Build the forms you need - from selling tickets to the school dance, a raffle, registration, and enrollment forms, our online form builder is here to take the paper out of forms and get all your information entered in one place.

ADA Accessibility

Your district families have a lot of needs including how they can access your information. We have worked with the Department of Education to keep our software up to date with ADA guidelines to meet the standards set for how your site works. For added accessibility, we also offer an ADA Tool that will allow users to make their own adjustments to the website to help them access the information in a way that suits them best. 

Online Payments

Whether collecting school fees or field trip money, collect money online. No more waiting for checks or cash, get paid 24/7 and reduce funds not being collected or having gone missing in a student's backpack.

Page Administration

School sites contain a lot of information, but you don't want everyone to be able to edit everything. Create page rules so that they can only edit the pages you want them to edit and reduce the chance of information going missing.  


Whether you have a PTO meeting or choir concert, there is always something going on at various buildings at your school. Our software comes with event software or we can integrate your own calendar software, such as CalendarWiz.

Absence Forms

Reduce morning phone calls and voicemails by allowing parents to fill out an attendance form online. Customize the form to allow parents to fill it out for multiple children and schools simultaneously and get the information in one place to get information to necessary staff quickly. 

News & Announcements

Communication Directors have a job to do and we have made sure that you can get news and announcements out as efficiently as possible. From scheduling message releases to putting messages on multiples schools pages or the district home page at the same time, our team has created tools to help you reach parents as efficiently as possible. 

School Website Coop Benefits

When you build your site with Legend Web Works, you get the added benefit of knowing that many features were designed by communications directors who rely on our software every day. We are here to be your website partner and help your district communicate as effectively as possible with your community - this is why we developed our school website platform as a coop. You receive the added benefit of knowing that schools are essentially working together in continuing to improve the platform and you will be able to add new features over time as other districts create new features.

Benefits Include: 

Free Training

We understand the importance of being able to use your tools. Whether you need a quick refresh on how to use a feature or you have a group of new website administrators that need to be trained, our support team is here to make sure you always know how to edit your site and you will never be charged.

Free Support

Your website needs to continue to evolve - from updating content like your staff directory to new categories or merging buildings, you will never be charged for any work as long as it takes our team less than two hours to complete the work. We are here to make your job easier and not have to worry about getting another purchase order for simple changes. 

Discounted Rates

For those in-depth projects where we need to build new features or functionality that take over two hours, we offer discounted rates to our school districts. We will quote the project so you can get proper purchase orders in place and we give you a 50% discount off our standard development rates.

Rebuild Every 4 Years

Technology evolves and design tastes change - this is why we have incorporated the costs of rebuilding your site every 4 years into our program. We understand the importance of staying up to date with technology as well as ADA Compliance. We will reach out to you as your 4 years approach to start planning the next version of your site, including a complete design overhaul too if you would like.  

Cincinnati Business Advertising Program

For districts in the Cincinnati and Dayton area, we are happy to offer an advertising program. This program allows schools to receive discounted website costs in exchange for allowing dedicated space for your local businesses to advertise on your website.

If your district is looking to cut technology costs, this may help you receive your website for little to no cost based on the sponsorships we can work for the district.

Are Sponsors Right For You?

We work with each district on an individual basis to determine if the program is right for you. We look at a variety of metrics including:

  • District population
  • How many businesses are based in your district
  • How often your districts levies are supported
  • Do businesses support your district overall?

All of this information helps give us the information needed to know whether we believe we can successfully find businesses to help sponsor the website.

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