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Content Management Tools that Make a Difference 

Your content is what makes up your website. You need superior tools to manage your content and make the most out of your resources.  

For that reason, Legend Web Works' custom website platform offers the best in terms of content management systems (CMS) to help you be sure you can use the content you produce efficiently.  

You don't want to struggle to upload a new blog post or wait to add a new product or image to your website. Superior content management tools make uploading and managing your content easy.  

Content Management Tool Features:

Customizable pages

Arrange content, and add imagery and videos easily through our proprietary editing tools without needing to know any code!

Content scheduling and publishing 

Work ahead on your time.  Create content and schedule it to post when you want it - whether days or weeks in advance.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Every story needs the right tools and our sites come with the ability to add SEO to every page.

Flexibility and scalability 

We created our website to grow with your business - add pages and functionality that you need when you need it.  

Clear analytics and reporting 

Knowing how people find and use your site is an important piece to ensuring people can find your website.

E-commerce integration 

Being able to manage your products online - from images, collecting payments, and shipping, we make e-commerce easy.

Social media integration

Link to your social media so users can interact with you later including adding feeds from your favorite platforms. 

API integration

Have tools and databases you want to integrate such as scheduling software, we can work with that! 

No matter what you need your site to accomplish, or how you intend to reach your goals, Legend Web Works offers content management tools to help you achieve your goals. From e-commerce implementation to security and permission control, we have everything covered so you can spend less time worrying about your website and more time running your business.  

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