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Cincinnati Website Security

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Website Security for Your Peace of Mind

Legend Web Works serves as your web development experts in Cincinnati and Dayton. We understand the critical importance of website security, particularly for e-commerce and online transactions.

Building trust with your partners, clients, and customers is paramount, and top-tier website security is the cornerstone of maintaining that trust.

Trust takes years to establish, but only one hacking incident or information leak can shatter it all.

At Legend Web Works, we prioritize your site's security and safeguard your reputation with industry-leading cybersecurity measures.

Website Security Features:

  • SSL/TLS encryption 
  • Firewall protection 
  • User access management 
  • Regular software updates and patches 
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Intrusion prevention and detection 
  • Security audits and assessments 
  • Compliance with industry standards 
  • Incidence response planning 
  • Employee security awareness training 

Legend Web Works offers superior security to keep your site safe. Not only that, but we also offer comprehensive response plans in case an incident takes place.  

If you need a web development team that takes your website security seriously, then it is time to start a conversation with Legend Web Works today!

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