Milford Athletics

October 28, 2016
Milford Athletics

In addition to school websites, we recently built our first Athletics and Activities website for the Milford School District. 

Milford Schools needed a new athletics and activity website where they would have access to customize the site as needed. 

Their previous site didn’t allow them to customize the sports and activities they offered, so they were left with blank pages throughout the site. The platform wasn’t easily navigated and it had advertizing that was front and center. 

How We Helped

We created a site that was built specifically for schools’ athletics and activities while being easy to navigate. Their new website has bigger images, subtler advertising and has more room for text.  

Unlike their previous site, Milford has the ability to choose what sports and activities display on their site. This site is highly customizable so each activity or sport page only has relevant information listed. 

The administrator can easily create a page for each sport and activity Milford offers. These pages display information based on their needs. 

If the sport only has freshman and varsity teams, then the page will only display a roster and schedule for those levels. If the activity doesn’t have a roster, then the roster subpage won’t display for that specific activity. 

Our team built custom rosters and schedules pages, which can import data from Milford’s currently registration and scheduling software. 

The schedules page can be used for a plethora of events, such as games, practices, concerts, meetings, meets, and more. Outcomes of games or meets are displayed on the schedule after the event has taken place. 

If the event is at a location listed on their directions page, then the location will have a hyperlink in the schedule for users to easily get directions to that event. 

The schedule also pulls to the sport’s homepage as well as the district homepage so parents and students can easily view upcoming events. 

Clients’ Feedback 

The clients were very happy with their new website. The administrator was happy with how easy the website is to edit. Additionally, we were able to work with the clients to make updates quickly when needed. 

“I have to tell you I am overall very happy with the look of the new site, not just the front. As I've been working on it the last few days, I keep thinking, man this is a nice, clean looking website. Thanks for your efforts!” – Shawn Sell 

“I do like the new site and it’s pretty easy to use as well!” – Jennifer Dalessandro 

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