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Thriving with Consistent Blogging

Case Study: Thriving with Consistent Blogging

Discovering sustainable success online is a process that requires multiple approaches. One of the most important approaches that every business should take on the path to digital success is blogging. Blogging ties in with search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to produce a holistic strategy that establishes a brand as a trusted source of information. This process is often referred to as building brand authority. 

One Legend Web Works client who thrived when it came to consistent blogging and building brand authority was Shine Orthodontics of Chillicothe, Maineville, and Lebanon. With the help of Legend Web Works, Shine Orthodontics published over a dozen blogs in 2023 and they saw massive success. 

Having signed in 2022, watching Shine Orthodontics soar has been one of the most exciting experiences of the last year. They have thoroughly established themselves as a trusted source of information online, and as a result, their web traffic has seen massive increases.  

Join us as we take a deep dive into the specifics of Shine Orthodontics' blogging success in 2023. We will take a look at the raw numbers, and more. Keep reading to discover more about how Shine Orthodontics thrived in 2023 and how you can emulate some of these strategies to find success for your brand in 2024 and beyond.  


Deep Dive: Looking at 2023 Blog Data 


 When it comes to mastering SEO, blogging is one facet that businesses often struggle with because it can be difficult to create content ideas and produce polished writing. Not to mention, writing an eight-hundred-word blog post can be time-consuming.

However, in 2023 Shine Orthodontics provided a master class for what blogging success looks like. To preface, we will start by looking at the top-performing blog posts Shine Orthodontics published in 2023, then we will finish by discussing some practical strategies you can use to boost your own blogging efforts.  


 Shine Orthodontics Top Performing Blog Posts of 2023 


Publishing a blog is a great way to contribute to your website's success. Not only does it send a clear message to your audience that you are committed to publishing helpful information on a given topic, but it also adds fresh new content and keywords to your website and tells Google that your website is active and curated (which helps boost you to the top of the SEO rankings). 

How do you gain customer trust through content marketing? Learn more here! 

If your website is like a magazine publication, adding a new blog post is like publishing a new issue. Your readers have new information to peruse, and, like a pedestrian buying a magazine from a newsstand, your blog post can attract new readers, some of whom may return for more later.  

Not every blog post published needs to be a home run. But you don't want a lot of flops either. Instead, it is best for blog posts to regularly get modest amounts of traffic, featuring a maximum of unique users and higher average engagement the long run. This model is precisely how Shine Orthodontics found success.  

The 2023 Heavy Lifter 

google search results

As we said, for blogging success you don't necessarily need to hit home runs every time, but one or two over-achieving blogs certainly help. In 2023, Shine Orthodontics had one blog that went above and beyond the rest.  

The blog post "Retainer Too Tight? What it Means and What to Do" was the highest-performing blog in 2023. It racked up a total of 6,014 views from 1,512 unique users and had an excellent engagement time average of 1 minute and 28 seconds.  

To break this down, that means that 1,512 different people viewed this blog, with many of them returning four or more times. What's more, with an average engagement time of just under a minute and a half, that tells us that not only were people visiting this blog, but they were also sticking around to read its contents.  


This is what we love to see! This one singular blog post carried a lot of weight and attracted over 1,000 new unique users. There are a few reasons as to why things shook out this way, the blog touches on a relevant topic, contains a question in the title, and promises an answer, but the truth is that it performed well mostly due to consistent, mindful use of keywords. We will touch more on this later.  

The Best of the Rest 

As we said earlier, one home run of a blog post, while fun, won't carry your business for the year. You need many blogs with double-digit views to make meaningful progress. Shine had 16 other blogs that racked up double-digit views this past year.

blog success 2
  • The second best-performing blog was "Common Misconceptions About Orthodontics" with 91 views and 13 unique users, the part that impresses us most is the 2 minutes 6 seconds average engagement time. That shows us we are answering the questions 1their clients have. 

  • Another strong performer was the blog "Top Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners" which had 40 views, 5 unique users, and an incredible 8 minutes and 15 seconds of average engagement time. That means that while this post only attracted a few readers, it hosted relevant information people wanted to read. 

  • A more local-centric blog was "Upcoming Summer Events from Shine Orthodontics". This blog was designed specifically for the Shine Orthodontics audience and yielded healthy results with 29 views, 6 unique users, and 1 minute and 36 seconds of average engagement time.  

While the blogs discussed above were some of the top performers in 2023, what truly set Shine Orthodontics apart was the number of blog posts that did well. When you have a dozen or more blog posts that are contributing to SEO success, then you are setting yourself up for success in the future.  

How to Blog for Better SEO Results in 2024 

Blogging is one of the best ways to produce meaningful SEO results. Blogging adds fresh information to your website that your readers will want to read. If you are looking for a model to base your blogging strategy on this year, then Shine Orthodontics is the perfect choice for you.  

Here are some conclusions we can make from Shine Orthodontics' 2023 blog data. 

  1. Make your blog posts with a purpose in mind. The best performers from Shine followed a simple formula. They set up a common problem or question in the world of orthodontics, like "Retainer Too Tight?" or "Common Misconceptions About Orthodontics" and then promised a result. The purpose of these blogs was to attract a wide audience and answer the posed question concisely. 

  2. A variety of blogs is key. Not every blog Shine Orthodontics put out was intended to go viral. Many of the blog posts published were written for a niche audience, in this case, their established customers. While we dabbled in a handful of general blog posts that could be useful for any relevant reader, some of the best performers detailed specific events Shine was putting on. They published a variety of posts in 2023 and as a result, attracted a diverse audience. 

  3. Quality over quantity. The most basic rule of blogging is that consistency is key. However, more important than regular posting is quality posting. Higher quality blogs offer your reader more information and less fluff. Blogs that have few views, but high engagement times are of higher quality than those that rack up views but have engagement times sitting under five seconds. 

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Remember, posting blogs regularly is one of the best things you can do to keep your current audience engaged and attract new readers. If you are not sure about the type of things that your reader wants to hear, you can try asking them. Keep your posts specific and answer one or two questions. Don't try to write a master thesis, people like reading blog posts because they are to the point and written by experts. 

What tips can you use to take your business's blogging to the next level? 

Legend Web Works is Here to Help Your Business Blog Better 

Blogging is a difficult skill to master, but with a sound strategy and expert knowledge, you can publish posts that your audience will love. Remember to keep your topics concise and focused. Look back at your blog data from last year and find some things your biggest successes had in common.  

Don't be afraid to try something new either. If the same old thing isn't working, then a shake-up could be just what the doctor ordered. One way to shake up your blogging and SEO? Hire expert help from Legend Web Works.  

Legend Web Works is your source for expert advice for all things SEO and content writing. Our team of blog-writing and content professionals has helped dozens of unique brands across all industries find digital success and we can help you too. 

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