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Website Case Study: Peoples Bank

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Cincinnati Website: Peoples Bank

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Peoples Bank "is one of the largest 200 banks in the United States with 113 full-service bank branches in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland." As a regional bank, they wanted a website that balanced incredible user experience with the flexibility to adapt as their business grows.  

Peoples Bank had an existing website when we initially talked with them that had a content management system that could be difficult to use or lacking in features. As we began talking, they were very upfront about what they needed to be able to serve their own client's betters; it became clear that Legend Web Works could offer what Peoples Bank needed and we began to map out a plan to develop a new website with very specific features that would make management easy for them and the experience easy for the users.


I have handled 5 major website redesigns for companies worth $400mm or more, and this was the smoothest transition I've been a part of. LWW was the perfect partner, and I could not have asked for a better team to help launch the new website for our bank.

- Christopher Law

Feature Rich Website

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance has become a factor for many businesses as they ensure that their website can be used by those with impairments. Peoples Bank was no different in wanting to make sure that all their customers had the ability to use the website properly without issue.

Promotional Pages

For many businesses, flexibility is a key component and this was no different for Peoples Bank. We built a promotional page that allows them to show and hide various promotions in real-time and save the content should they want to bring a promotion back again in the future.  


Finding support when you need it, is important. Peoples Bank was looking to know to build a relationship with its website provider instead of being another business in a company call queue. All businesses with Legend Web Works have a dedicated support team whom they build a relationship with as well as night/weekend support for emergencies as well.

Form Builder

Whether registration, events, or inquiries, being able to build forms for various functions of your business is key. It allows your business to not only keep the user on site but keep the information on your site instead of having to purchase other software where you may not own your information.

Content Management Tools

Content management tools are a key component to updating your site in real-time. However, many platforms still make the user know or enter some code when making changes. Legend Web Works is proud to offer a content management system that allows users to change their site without any code and on all devices, including editing on your cell phone.

Customized Contact Form

Consumers need to be able to reach you, but in a larger company, there is sometimes more than one place to go. We created a customized contact form that allowed users to search through various questions and search items to find what they need so they can fill their information out for the right department.

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What were the Digital Results?

We are proud to partner with Peoples Bank and bring a combination of website expertise with superior customer service to support them through their growth.

If your business is looking to grow and expand its digital footprint, fill out the contact form below and we will be happy to do a digital audit for your brand. Reviewing your website, SEO, and marketing efforts, we will help establish what we can do to ensure your story is found online.

Download our Peoples Bank case study here.

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