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Your 2022 Website Prep List

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New Year, New Trends 

A new year is upon us. While you may still have the same website, the way your customers interact with it may have changed. Likewise, if you’re not keeping with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices, you may be falling behind and not even know it.  

In this post, we will go over some website housekeeping tasks you need to check up on before the new year begins. Not only will this help you prepare for the new year, but it will also help you increase your overall traffic and sales numbers.  

Below is your prep list for 2022.  

Your 2022 Website Prep List 

If you own a business or manage a website, you should be checking your website’s metrics at least twice per year. The passing of the new year is an ideal time to perform a website health check.  

If you are not well-versed in SEO best practices, then you may not be sure what you should be checking for. Below are a few to get things started: 

  1. The first thing you should do is check your statistics. If you are reading up on how to manage SEO for your site, you will often see these referred to as Key Performance Indicators (or sometimes just KPIs).  

The KPIs you should be checking on vary depending on your industry and you should research industry-specific KPIs. If your business is mostly sales-driven, then some of the basic KPIs you should check on are Return on Investment (ROI), leads, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and Conversion Rate. There are hundreds of other KPIs, and you may find some that are especially relevant to your business that you should check monthly.  

You should check for any significant changes (either up or down) on any of your main KPIs. If you don’t have any KPIs you are regularly checking for your business, then 2022 is the perfect time to establish some.  

  1. Make sure each page has a call to action that directs the reader to either purchase a product, invest in your service, or contact your company. There is nothing worse than when your pitch and page sell a reader on your product or service, but they don’t go through with the transaction because they don’t know how to reach out to you. You should make it as easy and clear as possible for your reader to convert their interest into a sale. 
  2. You need to have the foundation of next year’s blog posts prepared for 2022. If you have a blog, it’s a great idea to establish your blog topics by the start of the new year. How many blogs do you publish a month? One? Two? Three? More? Regardless of the answer, you should try and have at least 12 blog ideas written by the start of the year. Give yourself room to expand and look for a way to produce blog posts that relate to one another. This will organically draw your reader through your site and cause them to stay on your site for a longer time.  

If your site does not currently have a blog, what better time to start one than the new year? By producing more content, you will establish yourself as an industry thought-leader and provide your business with more content to spread around, increasing your website’s visibility.  

  1. Check out your general SEO and make sure your site is working properly. A few times a year, you should run through the building blocks of your site and make sure you are maximizing your online effectiveness. You should be checking for broken links and looking through each page to ensure they all have page titles, H1s, and page descriptions.  

If you have all this information on each page, your site will appear higher on search engine results pages than if you had not filled out this information. Think of these categories as a way of telling Google that your page is well-maintained and relevant to search queries.  

Keep Your Site Fresh for the New Year 

The last thing you want in 2022 is to see your website plummet in search engine rankings after you spent all of 2020 and 2021 keeping it afloat. The best way to ensure your site is working to maximum efficiency is by performing regular checks. Make sure all your SEO data is up to date and you are putting out as much content as possible.  

If you are not keeping your site up to date, your competition is.  

If you are curious about any of the steps above or looking for help producing new content, reach out to Legend Web Works to give your website the boost it craves. 

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