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Five Things You can do Right Now to Get Ready for the Holidays

Christmas Ideas for your marketing

The holiday season (roughly Thanksgiving to New Year) is one of the busiest and most profitable times for businesses in all industries.  

Because of this, it is a good idea to prepare to maximize your profits during this time.  

Different businesses employ different tactics to help boost their sales during the holidays. Some offer exclusive deals and discounts, others increase their advertising regiment, and others still drastically increase their supply. 

All these approaches can help you increase your profits during this holiday season, but not every approach is right for every business. The best approach is the one that matches your business’s sales patterns and industry.  

The best time to get your business ready for the holiday season is right now.  

In this post, we will go over a few things you can do right now to get ready for the holiday season. 

Do These Things to Get Ready for the Holiday Season 

Preparing for the holiday season is not easy. Use these tips to get yourself ready for the holiday season now.  

Run a Short Sprint of Paid Ads 

Sometimes you get the best results from niche audiences during the holiday season.  

Running a short spring of paid ads starting around September on a few of your niche products can help you make key sales for the holiday season.  

Take this as an example: 

You sell homemade ornaments, gifts for teachers, candles, and body care products. These are all things that make good gifts, especially during the holiday season.  

To sell these items, an effective approach is to put some money behind a paid ad campaign to reach a wider audience.  

You probably wouldn’t sell very many ornaments in May, but reaching the right audience at the right time can reap significant sales and help make your business a healthy profit.  

Input from Your Staff 

Your staff is the biggest and best asset you have.  

Meet with your staff and ask them what they noticed in last year’s holiday season. What did they think went well? What needed improvement? 

Take your staff’s suggestions into consideration and use their input to drive your policy this year.  

Update Your Website 

You live in the internet age. That means customers do a large portion of their shopping online (a trend that will only continue in the future).  

Make sure your website can handle a high volume of sales and that you are incentivizing your customers for their online shopping.  

Also, be sure your site is showcasing your holiday sales and promotions.  

Consider the following: 

  • Free shipping. Many customers want free shipping on their favorite products. Set a price threshold (customers who spend at least $25 get free shipping) and advertise it on your site.  

  • Sitewide discounts. Give a discount on your products this holiday season to encourage sales. Just be sure you advertise that your products are discounted for a limited time only. 

  • Bundle deals. The only thing better than making one sale is making two, or three, or four! Bundle complementary products together to help the customer save money and to help you increase sales.  

Review Your Marketing Strategy 

This year is different than last year. That means you may need to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.  

Do the following: 

  • Research this year’s marketing trends. 

  • Create innovative holiday promotions.  

  • Determine which strategies worked well last year and which failed (and why!). 

  • Touch base with your loyal customers. 

  • Set tangible goals.  

If you do these five things, you will go into the holiday season with a sound marketing strategy. What’s better is you’ll have an excellent base to build on next year.  

Give Your Business an SEO Boost! 

SEO (search engine optimization) is the most important term that you may never have heard of.  

What does it mean? In its most basic form, improved SEO helps your website get found more easily on Google and other search engines. Instead of showing up on page two, a site with quality SEO will appear near the top of page one when relevant keywords are searched for.

Ways to improve SEO include: 

  • More and better keywords on your site 

  • Reduced redundancies in terms of links and URLs 

  • An infusion of high-quality content (blogs and articles) 

  • Backlinks that lead to your site 

Google has an advanced algorithm for determining which sites are best for its audience. Improving the four categories above will give Google a clear message that your site is one to trust.  

Take Your Marketing Further this Holiday Season with Legend Web Works 

This holiday season will be one to remember.  

For many B2C businesses, October to December is their busiest time of year. It is also the time when they want to increase their sales the most.  

The best way to give your sales a boost is by innovating and implementing excellent marketing strategies into your business plan. 

This year, take the burden of hard work off your shoulders and let Legend Web Works give you a boost.  

At Legend Web Works, our team of innovative and experienced marketing agents will help you boost your SEO, create and curate engaging social media posts, and help direct readers to the most profitable deals on your site.  

If you are ready to give your business the marketing boost it deserves this holiday season, then it’s time to reach out to Legend Web Works! 

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