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Add Ecommerce and Sell While You Sleep

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Grow your business without growing your payroll. 

Inventory. Rent. Staff. Those are the three things you usually have to worry about before opening up a new retail store, but there's a way to build and grow your business without having to spend extra on any of them.

By adding eCommerce to your website, you can make it easy for customers to shop and buy online—saving time and money on things like inventory, rent, and employee paychecks. 

Let your customers browse, then buy. 

Buyers can spend more time on your site. 

Whether you're selling a product or a service, your website is the first place buyers will visit to learn about you and what makes you different. And if they like what they see, they'll stay longer and keep browsing through your pages to find out more.  

Adding eCommerce gives them even more to explore—now they can click on as many individual product pages as they want without any incentive to leave your site. 

Buyers can see your entire inventory. 

As we said earlier, brick-and-mortar stores are limited by physical constraints like floor space, staffing, and logistics. But because eCommerce doesn't have those constraints (or at least not in the same way), it allows for an entirely different type of customer experience—one with virtually infinite browsing opportunities, particularly for smaller businesses with less room for products in their store (or no physical store at all).  

Customers can now see all your inventory without having to travel from store to store—and often without even having to get off the couch!  

A browsable online catalog is also great for buyers on the go who don't have time to drop by between appointments but can easily pull up a mobile storefront while waiting in line at Starbucks or killing time on their lunch break. 

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Turn one-time buyers into life-long customers. 

Let’s face it, your customers aren’t loyal. They might be loyal to a certain product they use, or they are loyal fans of your e-commerce blog but when it comes to switching vendors, you need to realize that it is never just about the price anymore.  

It is about the experience and the service they receive with your company. 

Make sure that this is clear through all the touchpoints with your customers.  

Your phone system should not be cumbersome; your emails should produce replies quickly, and make sure you always over-deliver on what you promise them.  

These little things make a big difference in building loyalty as well as repeat business for years to come. 

Keep up with customer demand while you sleep. 

You can use eCommerce to set up processes to sell more products in less time. 

While you're sleeping, your eCommerce site is still working away for your business. It sells products when you aren't nearby, and it fulfills orders while you're on the phone with another customer. You can even be networking or supporting a charitable golf tournament while your site is making sales.  

With an eCommerce solution, you get a 24/7 sales team that never takes breaks and always works efficiently—and it doesn’t need vacation time either! 

The Perks of Adding Ecommerce Do Not Disappoint 

 Adding e-commerce to your website gives you the ability to increase revenue, customer loyalty, convenience, and satisfaction. 

  • Increased Revenue
    Adding the e-commerce component can give you access to customers who may not have done business with you otherwise. It's a fact that people really like shopping online and it’s an easy way for them to compare products and prices before making a purchase. 

  • Increase Customer Loyalty
    Many companies find that their online sales have helped increase repeat business because of the convenience factor as well as the ability to offer special discounts or great service by adding an online component. 

  • Increase Convenience
    An online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which allows your customers to buy when it's convenient for them instead of your business hours. It gives more flexibility to both the buyer and seller. 

  • Increased Satisfaction
    If your competitors are selling their products or services online, then consumers will expect that you do too! Plus, if they can't find what they need on your website, where do you think they'll go next? You want to be able to reach out and grab those potential customers before someone else does! 

  • Increase Market Share
    Selling online allows you access to new markets. There are so many people who prefer shopping from home either because of physical limitations or just plain convenience, so why wouldn't you want to reach out and capture this market? 

  • Increase Customer Retention
    A major cost of doing business is acquiring new customers. Supporting and selling to your existing customers is much less costly than going out looking for new ones. 
    Letting your existing customers buy again from your site makes things easier for both parties while increasing revenue. It doesn't get much better than that. 

Legend Web Works offers eCommerce payment solutions from one of the largest direct payment processors in the country. That means with a Legend Web Works eCommerce site you save double. 

  1. We don’t charge you fees per purchase, unlike most other eCommerce platforms. 

  2. We cut out the middleman on payment processing, giving you the best possible rates. 

  3. We don’t put limits on how many items you can sell.

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