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Our Web History

Our approach has always been to walk alongside our clients, partnering with them to find or create solutions that help them reach their goals. We aim to be the first call clients make when they have an idea or a question, when they wonder how a new trend or requirement will apply to them, or when hardship hits and they want to know how their online presence can help. 

- Kedrick Fitzgerald, Founder

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From Web Dream to a Web Legacy

When Legend Web Works first opened its doors over 20 years ago, we began as a team of one. Kedrick Fitzgerald founded Legend Web Works to level the online playing field for our clients and provide them with dependable, organized, and easy-to-use websites. We wanted online success to be achievable for any business, no matter its size, history, or industry.  

Addie Fitzgerald joined Kedrick’s vision a few years later, and over the next 15 years, they grew both the company from a spare room in their home as well as their family, accomplishing what they set out to do: helping businesses succeed, no matter their size. We have helped thousands of businesses discover digital solutions that work for them.

After changing offices a few times as the company continued to grow, Kedrick and Addie continued to find new ways to help not only businesses but also school districts. In 2013, we expanded our website offerings to school districts, allowing schools to have the same easy-to-use websites with an emphasis on ADA functionality and local customer support.  

In 2020, Kedrick and Addie stepped away from the day-to-day operations of the business in order to spend more time with their family. Jesse Kankowski was promoted to President and COO to help guide the vision and continue to expand the company's footprint from the foundation Kedrick carefully laid back in 2002.

The team has continued to grow the business through the pandemic as Legend Web Works has evolved from being solely focused on websites to a media agency, offering SEO and digital marketing solutions. These offerings continue to help clients by allowing them to work with one team that can help with all aspects of their digital presence.   

We continue to look for new and innovative ways to keep making the web work for you!

After several years in a corporate environment, Kedrick had the vision to create a company that could get work done and allow team members to still put their families first. People should not have to choose between their job and their family when they can do both. Jen and I are honored to be chosen to lead Legend Web Works for the next twenty years to new heights in an ever-changing world while maintaining his steadfast commitment that family comes first.

- Jesse Kankowski, President & COO

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