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SOCA Google AdWords Case Study

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SOCA Google AdWords Case Study

SOCA Google AdWords Case Study

Google ad campaigns make up a large part of what it means to do business in a digital space. Ads on Google are a cost-effective way to get your small business’s product or service in front of your target audience.   

However, many small businesses struggle to find sustainable success from ad campaigns and end up wasting money while they try to figure out the nuances of Google. This can be extremely frustrating as you try to attract more eyes to your quality products and services. 

Legend Web Works helps businesses circumvent this issue by lending our expert knowledge to assist your ad campaigns.  

In today’s case study, we will look at two paid ads Legend Web Works recently created and managed for the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA).  

As a small employer health care alliance authorized by the Ohio Revised Code, SOCA negotiates benefits for Chambers of Commerce so that their members can offer much-needed benefits to their Chamber members.  

Keep reading to learn more about how Legend Web Works runs a successful ad campaign - some of the problems we faced, solutions we discovered, and the results of the campaign.  

Google Ad

PartnerShip Google AdWords Campaign 

PartnerShip is a SOCA benefit that gives small businesses exclusive FedEx discounts for their business. These benefits apply to shipping costs both domestically and internationally and are automatically applied to SOCA members’ shipments.  

Advertising Plan 

PartnerShip offers great benefits to SOCA’s members, and they wanted to get the word out. We needed to select times and dates when their ideal audience was most likely to be online. 

Performance by day of week and time of day

When: We created an ad that was to run from May 15th to June 15th Sunday through Saturday from 6 AM to 8 PM. 

Audience: SOCA’s main audience was small business owners. We chose these time windows because business owners were likely outside of working hours and active on Google.   

Google AdWords Goal: SOCA’s goal for this campaign was to receive the maximum number of inquiries for this benefit. Inquiries would be measured by submitted contact forms and phone calls.  

Demographic groups

Google AdWords Demographics: 

Going into this campaign, the SOCA had anticipated that an older demographic would be reached, likely people aged 45 and up. The client was shocked by the final result! The campaign was more effective with a younger crowd, men and women 25-34. This ad proved to be a big success with this younger demographic, and while it still reached an older audience, the younger crowd proved to be the most relevant demographic.  

AdWords Campaign Problem: Legend Web Works always monitors our ad campaigns after launch to look for signs of problems and search for solutions. In this case, an issue arose due to the cross-over between FedEx and PartnerShip. Because PartnerShip is associated with FedEx, SOCA was receiving phone calls regarding missing packages that had nothing to do with the benefit being offered.  

AdWords Campaign Solution: If every ad has a problem, then every problem has a solution. In this case, the solution to our problem was to remove SOCA’s phone number from the ad to reduce the amount of spam that was coming in. Instead, we directed readers to SOCA’s PartnerShip page to read more about what the chamber could offer them instead.  

Google Ad Final Results: 

Below are the final results, with brief explanations of each stat.  

May 15th - June 15th Metrics:  

  • 447 clicks
    • Clicks - the number of distinct individuals that clicked on the ad or followed the link.

  • 4.79k impressions 
    • Impressions - the total number of people who saw this ad. 

  • $1.13 average Cost Per Click 
    • Average cost per click (CPC) - how much money SOCA spent, on average, for one individual to click on the ad.  
Google Ad

Dolr Google AdWords Campaign 

Dolr is a SOCA benefit that is designed to provide resources to small businesses to help their employees pay back their student debt. They provide education and resources (like debt calculators) to help individuals discover new sources of money to help combat student loans.  

Performance by day of week and time of day

Advertising Plan 

Dolr is one of the best ways for individuals to pay back their student loans. Because of that, businesses who offer Dolr as a benefit of employment are more capable of attracting and retaining top talent. SOCA wanted to get the word out about this fantastic benefit and the Legend Web Works team went to work selecting the ideal conditions for a Google ad.  

When: Our team created an ad that ran from May 15 to June 15 on Sunday through Saturday from 12 AM to 12 PM.  

Note: SOCA's main audience is small businesses, so we wanted to run this ad when we were sure the target audience would see it. This would typically be outside of normal business hours when the owners are not busy running their business.  

Google AdWords Goal: Our goal in this campaign was to maximize inquiries on this benefit and get viewers to fill out SOCA’s contact form.  

Demographic groups

Google AdWords Demographic:
This ad campaign reached a wide audience, but the key demographic reached was women aged 35-54. Going into the process, we had anticipated both men and women aged 25-34 would be targeted. In the end the right demographic was reached, which contributed to the success of this Google AdWords campaign.  

AdWords Campaign Problem: The problem we faced with this ad is that we were seeing a ton of traffic to the target page for our ad, but we were not seeing as many inquiries as we wanted. Our team took a deep dive into what users see and experience when they click in the ad.  

AdWords Campaign Solution: Initially, our team directed traffic straight to Dolr's site. However, since this is where the traffic was dropping off, we recognized this as an area of opportunity. As a solution, we chose a different landing page to address this issue. We added a phone number and edited the original ad to ensure that the traffic was going directly to a SOCA landing page, rather than Dolr. This helped our team to more accurately follow user experience and led to an increase in traffic to SOCA’s contact form.  


Google Ad Final Results: 

Below are the final results of the campaign.  

May 15th – June 15th Metrics 

  • 611 clicks 

  • 29.7k impressions 

  • $0.83 average CPC 


Legend Web Works Helps Your Business Advertise Online 


Advertising online can be a big challenge for businesses. However, when you have a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals, obstacles turn into victory laps.  

At Legend Web Works, we understand how important it is to get your business’s name out there. But you can find success with proven paid advertising methods that attract new customers to your business and sell your products and services.  

In this case study, we showcased two Google ad campaigns where we helped our client SOCA find online success for their benefit. We can help your business too. Read our other case studies to see how Legend Web Works can help your business! 

Click here to reach out to Legend Web Works and learn more about what we can do to enhance or start your Google ad campaigns! 

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