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What to Include on Your About Page

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When creating a website, one of the most undervalued sections is the about page.  

People tend to be more concerned with making a sale or showcasing their products than they are with telling the reader who they are. This is a massive blunder that can end up costing you conversions in the long run.  

In this post, we will walk you through what goes into a good about page, as well as what a successful one will accomplish.  

What to Include in your About Page 

Most about pages will contain a few of the same basic elements, but you can’t just copy and paste a successful about page from someone else’s account. You need to personalize it. A tone that is consistent with the rest of the site, and a strong voice are key to informing the reader who your company is and how they should expect to interact with them. 

Here are basic components:

  • Share the unique features your company brings to the table
    • What sets you apart from the competition? What products or services do you offer that no one else can match?

  • Tell the story of your brand.
    • How was your company started? How has it evolved? What are your values?

  • Give a glimpse behind the scenes
    • Give the customer a peek into how your company operates. Where do the products come from,? How is your labor sourced? Tell the reader where they can find you. 

    • What are your areas of operation? do you accept walk-ins or is your business appointment-only?

  • Show the faces of your company.
    • Consumers are more likely to trust a company when they can connect it to a human face. Briefly introduce your team and give a sense of how they will service the client. 

  • Include a Call to Action
    • At the end of the page, include a link that will allow the reader to contact your company and convert their interest into sales. 
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Almost every about page has these six components but for each company, the content will be unique. Write several versions of your about page until you find one that conveys the tone and quality of your company. You want to give the reader an immediate sense of your company, so they know what to expect when they reach out.  

Use this worksheet to brainstorm your company's about page.

It is important to remember that you never want to include a sales pitch on your about page. Nor do you want an overabundance of hype or self-congratulations. Remain humble and human. People will rarely want a product from people who talk down to them.

What a Good About Page Will Accomplish 

In essence, a good about page builds trust in your brand and tells the reader why they should invest in your product or service.  

Potential customers want to see the culture of the brand and the people working behind the scenes. Furthermore, you should present the problem that you think the consumer is facing and offer a solution to the problem.  

If your about page is successful, the reader will walk away understanding: 

  • Share how your brand was established

  • What makes your brand unique

  • Your brand's values and beliefs

  • Why a customer should choose you over the competition

  • How to contact your business

Remember: new visitors want information about your business. By giving them this information clearly, you will solidify your brand image and prove yourself to be a viable option for their problem. This is not an area to get overly clever. State your culture and intentions clearly. Readers do not want to solve a puzzle or guess at your intentions.  

It’s all About You 

A good about page is invaluable. If a customer understands who you are and the advantages you bring in a few short paragraphs, then you will be leagues ahead of your competition.  

It is also important not to get off-topic. A good about page should be all about your company. Don’t mire in specifics. Get to the point and direct the reader to contact you if they have any more questions. 

It’s true, and an effective about page is difficult to craft. Sometimes trying to make it simpler is extremely complex. But still, you need an about page that works to convert readers into clients. If you are having trouble creating a concise and effective about page, reach out to Legend Web Works. Our team of seasoned copywriters has the skills and experience to create a simple about page that tells the story of your company and generates clients for you. 

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