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School Website Feature: Blog Scheduling

Blog scheduling for your school website

You are always looking for ways to improve your school’s website. From information to resources and other helpful tools for students and staff, school websites are a powerful way to help immerse students in their education.  

One of the best ways to give your school website a boost is by including specified and immersive blog posts.  

Blog posts are a powerful tool because they concisely and effectively communicate information on a specific topic. This is especially useful when you want to convey information on time-sensitive events. Blogs can also be useful for noting systemic changes and updates that need to reach a wide audience.  

At Legend Web Works, we understand that administrators will not always have time to write blog posts and publish them immediately. Sometimes you will need to write a blog post a month in advance. Other times, you will need to write three blogs at once for various factions of your district.  

For that reason, we have made it possible to schedule blog posts, control where blog posts appear, and allow you to queue multiple blog posts at one time.  

Let’s take a look at some of the enhanced blogging abilities your school will have with Legend Web Works.  

The Benefits of Scheduling a Blog Post 

You will not always have time to write a blog post right when you need to post it. For that reason, Legend Web Works has included a feature that allows you to schedule your blog posts to go live exactly when you need them.  

For example, if you have a blog post that you want to go live on September 17, but you have it written on August 28, you won’t have to wait until the 17th to add it to the site. You can upload it to your site immediately and then set it to go live on August 28.  

Not only that, but if you have blog posts that you only want up for a limited time, you can set a go-live date and a hard end date. For example, if that post you scheduled to go live on September 17 is only relevant until October 1, you can tell your site to remove the post on October 1 and it will be hidden from public view.  

It’s as simple as choosing your dates from a calendar menu.  

Other Ways You Can Customize Your Blog Posts 

You can customize your blog posts in more ways than just a start and end date.  

School districts have many options for where and how their blogs are posted.  

If you post a blog at the district level, but only want that blog visible on the pages of three elementary schools (and not on middle schools or high schools), you can specify where you want the blog to appear when you are scheduling it to be posted. It’s as simple as checking boxes on a menu.  

Likewise, if you want a single blog post to appear on every school’s website across the district, you can do so easily at the district level.  

Not only that, but you can post blogs to athletic pages for sports or club-specific news.  

Finally, if you only want to post a blog on one school’s page, you can easily do so on the school website of your choosing.  

Use Legend Web Works to Build a Better School Site 

Legend Web Works understands the needs of school districts better than any other custom website builder. We know that you do not have time to jump through hoops and that you cannot be on-hand 24/7. 

That is why we make it easy for your school district to post and schedule blogs. This saves you time and stress as you can write a blog week in advance, schedule it to be posted on a certain date, and be sure that it will appear on your site when it is needed.  

Not only that but annually reoccurring blogs can be edited from year to year and be toggled for visibility when they are relevant.  

If you are ready for an upgrade to your school or district's website, then it's time to reach out to Legend Web Works! 

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