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Google with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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The process of optimizing your website pages and content to be indexed in Google’s search results is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A highly optimized site with a steady flow of organic traffic from the search results page is what every business or brand strives for. 

  • SEO lets your ideal customers and clients know you exist.
  • SEO makes your business a reliable source that can answer their questions.
  • SEO makes your website pages, blog entries, services, PDFs, images, etc. visible and recognizable to Google for indexing in their search results.

6 essential steps to optimizing your website.

Create engaging, relevant, and unique content on a consistent basis. The best SEO in the world won’t work for you if you’re not producing unique and relevant content.

  1. Do your research.
    Find what makes your business or brand different from your competitors and produce content that reflects that. Your content should be unique, and it should allow readers to engage with you.

  2. Don\\'t cheat.
    Don’t write content that’s stuffed to the brim with keywords but not much of anything else. The purpose of your content should be to provide clarity, help, or entertain. 

  3. Create a call to action.
    Creating a call-to-action is as simple as adding, Contact us for a quote today! at the end of your blog post or content. A few more examples are:

    • Have readers Like or Follow you on Facebook and/or Twitter.
    • Provide a phone number or link to a contact page for people to get involved with something you’re doing.
    • Link to a specific item that’s on sale or that’s new.
    • Have readers join your mailing list. 

  4. Publish blogs consistently. 

    To have relevant content, you need to be producing content. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or once a month, consistency is key.
    • If your readers are seeing old dates or long gaps in your blog entry dates they may not see your content as reliable.
    • Within blog posts, you can use keywords throughout your content and then share a link to your blog entries on social media.
    • Leverage social media to attract more readers and encourage existing readers to share your content.

  5. Get a sitemap.
    It\\'s like a roadmap for Google and other search engines to know what content you have and where to find it.

    With Legend Web Works content management tools clients make frequent updates and keep their content fresh. As content is removed or added Google needs to know so they can do the same in their search results. A monthly sitemap is imperative for your SEO efforts to keep Google crawling and indexing your site\\'s pages.

    Book a website consultation with our team to learn more about sitemaps and ensure your site pages are getting indexed.

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  6. Use your SEO Toolkit. 

    With a Legend Web Works site, you have an SEO toolkit on every page of your site.
    • H1 Tags: The top-level heading on any page. By default, these are the names of your pages and can be customized to include essential keywords for your brand.
    • Page Title Tag: Automation makes sure each page has a relevant Page Title by default, however, you are encouraged to customize it. 
    • Meta Description Tag: Customize this snippet using your toolkit on each page. It\\'s important to note that Google may opt to show a snippet of text from the page that contains searched keywords instead.

Drive traffic to your website with relevant and engaging content

When you provide the answers asked about your services, products, resources, menu, etc. you’re more likely to show up in search results.

Think of how you search for information yourself. Include the answers to your commonly searched questions.

Commonly searched criteria:

  1. How much does [insert service or product here] cost?
    Especially if you offer a service or have products with fixed costs, include these on your website so your customers can do their research.
  2. How do I [insert service here]? 
    Many people start out looking for a DIY option. Be that option and make a compelling argument for using a professional such as yourself.
  3. Phone Numbers and Driving Directions
  4. Before and After Photos
    Products and services sell based on the transformation you offer. If you have a visual representation use it to sell your product.
  5. What is included in [xyz service]?
  6. Conditional searches like “My air conditioner is making a loud noise….” Or “Best place for dog grooming….” Or “Things to do in [insert area of town] ….”

The SEO tools built into each Legend Web Works website optimize the content you\\'re creating and send the right signals to Search Engines.

For site mapping, copywriting, and more information about our SEO toolkit email the team at [email protected] or Book a website conversation online!

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