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Content Refresh Vs. Website Redesign

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Redesign or Refresh: How to Save your Site from Stagnation

Your website is getting stale.

Even as you read these words, your old content is causing your site to fall in search engine standings. If your site is in a search engine ranking free fall, a refresh or redesign may be your solution.

Before you decide, there are a few things to consider. This post will explain the difference between a “content refresh” and a “website redesign,” as well as what each one means for your business.

The Difference between a Content Refresh and a Website Redesign

Refresh or redesign? To an untrained observer, the two terms are practically identical. They both involve introducing new content to a website to improve its search results ratings. However, there are several key differences which not only affect the marketability of your site but your pocketbook as well.

First, a refresh is an improvement upon already successful content. Think of it as power washing an old brick houseThe main body of work and theme of the site will remain the same, but a few key features are refurbished to give your site a fresh new look to catch Google’s eye.

Next, there is the redesign. Instead of keeping most of the content intact like in a redraft, a redesign tears the website down and builds it again from scratch. This includes all-new text and graphic design. A redesign gives the brand an entirely new look, one that will not only catch Google’s eye but appear as a different entity entirely.

A T-chart entitled "Content refresh vs. website redesign" below the title is a t-chart what lists the pros and cons of a refresh and redesign.

Deciding whether to Refresh your Content or Redesign your Website

You may not immediately know whether a refresh or redesign is right for your site. After all, you want a fresh new look, but you don’t just want to throw away all your hard work. So how do you decide which option is perfect for you?

A content refresh is best for when your site has done well in search engine results in the past but has recently begun to fade. This means your content was working before but has lost its edge as competitors improved or Google’s core systems updated. A new splash of life is just the thing to get you back on top.

Here are a few reasons you might consider a content refresh:

  • Your business has added a new feature that requires its own section on your webpage.
  • Your content is too old and has lost relevance.
  • The user experience is fine, but it could be better.

Next, a website redesign is ideal when you have a stagnant website, meaning user engagement has plummeted to almost zero. A brand-new website can help you out of the black hole of website obscurity and give your site a new lease on life.

There are other reasons for a redesign:

  • Your company has undergone a rebrand.
  • Your company is employing a new digital marketing strategy.
  • New, more powerful software has been created and you want to stay on the cutting edge.

Give your Site a Boost with a Proper Content Refresh

If your content has started to decay and a refresh is inevitable you must ensure that you refresh correctly, otherwise you will only be wasting your time. But first, make sure you can identify when your content or blog post is in decay. Content decay is defined as any piece of media that is declining in web and search traffic over a period of twelve months.

Decay is caused by three main factors:

  1. The quality of the competition has improved.
  2. There is an abundance of new content just like yours and your title has become outdated.
  3. Your content has lost its relevance as the subject matter has evolved.

If you have decided that a refresh is a way to go, here are a few things you can do to immediately give yourself a boost:

  1. Update outdated posts with fresh and relevant information.
  2. Re-optimize your site by adding new keywords and SEO descriptions (this will diversify your content and make it appear more often in search results).
  3. Target an entirely new audience by changing titles and keywords.

It is important to note that each of these options are not permanent solutions. Maintaining high standings in search results takes a keen eye and requires consistent work. Not only that but some level of risk is required, especially in the case of the third option. Targeting a new audience will come with the risk of alienating the old.

Keep your website on the cutting edge

A website redesign ensures your website is built using the latest technology and allows you to make all the changes to your site at once. The experts at Legend Web Works recommend a full website redesign every two to three years. However, you may want to redesign sooner, especially if your company has recently forged a new brand identity. 

While a full website redesign is more intensive than a content refresh, you\\'ll have the design and development team at Legend Web Works making the process seamless and (dare we say) fun?!

It\\'s Decision Time. Is a full Redesign in the Cards or is a Refresh more your speed?

If it\\'s been 3 years or more, you\\'re likely ready for a redesign. However, there\\'s no need to rebuild your site if you\\'re already seeing success. A content refresh may be all you need to compete! 

If you can’t make up your mind or need a team of seasoned veterans to lend their wisdom, reach out to Legend Web Works. We’ve helped businesses just like yours tap into their true potential.

Get started today!

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