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Cincinnati's Custom Business Websites

Notebook with the layout of a webpage drawn on it

You wouldn't use a drill to hammer in a nail, would you? 

Well, maybe if you were desperate and willing to use any tool to just get by for the time being. 

Trying to fit your business into a prebuilt theme or out-of-the-box template is much the same. It gets the job done, but you aren't going to be satisfied with the results for long. 

Do I need a custom website?

Instead of just getting by like their competitors, growth-focused businesses get the right tool for the job – and they get it early on in the process.  

New business owners are often given the advice to partner with the accountant their business will need 5 to 10 years from now. So, when the business takes off (and they need the real deal) they are already working with someone who has guided their growth and knows the right steps to further their success. 

A business owner's custom website choice is no different. 

Why are custom websites better?

  1. A custom web design that is not limited by a prebuilt theme or template. 
    Many agencies have web designers that are great at what they do, but they are laying a design on top of someone else's code. Unfortunately, this means they have no ability to change the code. This forces your design into a theme that puts hard limits on future changes and integrations. On the other hand, a custom website follows industry standards for speed and accessibility without sacrificing a website's design.

  2. Top-notch code and programming standards. 
    Many out-of-the-box website builders have code and file bloat to accommodate their one-size-fits-all platform. This slows down the speed of your website and the resources it requires to function and build upon.

  3. Excellent website user experience for all visitors.
    As technology changes so do the requirements to meet the needs of your customers on the webFast loading, accessible pages can be available for everyone. 

  4. A straightforward way to edit website content.  
    Login to your website. Go to the page you want to edit. Edit the content. Click Save. That's it!

  5. Built to be found in Search Engines. 
    Not all good-looking website designs get indexed by search engines like Google. While some sites are fun to visit and look fabulous, they can't be found organically in search results due to poor site architecture and programming.  

  6. Built to be promoted. 
    From your web page URL structure to scheduling blog entries in advance, your website is your marketing hub. All traffic should lead to your website! Linking to it on social media, to your mailing lists, and in your direct communication should be as easy as copy and paste.  

  7. Built to streamline and simplify. 
    Assign permission to employees or partner agencies to make edits to your website for you or do it yourself. Either way, there's an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you complete control.

  8. Supported by real humans. 
    A telltale sign you have NOT reached your final website destination is that you do not have reliable website support. Technology is not stagnant, nor is your business. You need a team of web designers and developers at your side to guide your online growth long-term.

Start a conversation with our team today to get an idea of what problems we can solve (and prevent!) and request your FREE website audit.

You'll be one step closer to the tool your business needs long-term, so when the growth happens, you're ready.

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