Custom School Websites

What We Offer

In our experience working with businesses, non-profits and government entities throughout the years, we discovered just how much schools could benefit from a better website model. 

We started here at home, partnering with neighboring school districts to design and develop a unique model built specifically for schools. In the process, we have significantly reduced website costs for these districts with our optional sponsorship program.

Our successes in in Southwest Ohio have led to growing interest. We're ready to be the solution your district needs.

A comprehensive product, a strong foundation

To start, our website solution provides your district with all the necessary basics to establish and maintain the website including:

  • Hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • SSL certificate
  • Custom design
  • Intuitive content management tools
  • Content migration
  • Progressive mobile app
  • Ongoing training and support
  • ...and more!

A seamless transition and discounted rates

Giving you more than the average web design company, the added benefits of choosing Legend Web Works include:

  • FREE set-up including custom design and content migration
  • FREE support and training
  • ADA reporting services available
  • Discounted development rates for the life of your website

A support team to rely on

For many districts, communications and marketing departments are a luxury and one-person departments are not uncommon. Our proven model strengthens your district's communication toolbox, giving you the platform you need to communicate with excellence and the support you need along the way.

Hands-on training is always available for you, your team and new hires as needed throughout the life of your website. And whether you decide to call, email or submit requests via your online account, our support team cares about your specific needs and workload. Clear communications and explanations coupled with our efficient response times demonstrate our commitment to your success.