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Dominic Altier


Director of Marketing


Dominic Altier is the Director of Marketing at Legend Web Works! He has the privilege of leading the marketing team in all aspects of any given campaign. Dom’s duties range from analyzing data to developing strategies and processes for greater success. It is his job to make sure everything runs smoothly for both clients and team members alike. 

Dom’s favorite part of his job is that he gets to work with fabulous people and interesting clients! It may sound cliche, but a leader is only as good as their team - and he has a great team. One of his favorite things about our clients is that they are so diverse, both in what type of businesses they run and in their marketing needs - it never gets old because each meeting is a new client with a unique industry and pain point! 

Outside of work, you can find Dom catching a movie at the theaters, listening to music, or with his nose buried in the latest mystery or thriller! 

Dominic Altier
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