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Cody Hale


Project Manager


Cody Hale is a Project Manager for Legend Web Works. During an average day he interfaces with clients to meet their specific needs and delegate tasks to our talent web development team.  

Cody is proud to be a Cincinnati native and he graduated Clinton Massie High School in 2010 then attended Sinclair Community College afterwards. While in college he had the opportunity to play music full-time and loved every minute of it! 

As a professional, Cody has garnered a ton of experience in the fields of e-commerce and web development. His favorite part of his role is talking with clients to identify their needs while balancing best practices for our site models and SEO. 

Outside of work, Cody loves playing music, and although he no longer plays full-time, he still plays with some friends on a weekly basis, and occasionally plays shows around the Midwest. He also loves going on hiking expeditions with his son, and loves all things books, movies, vinyls, and video games. Ask him about the latest Zelda game or the Bengals to get a conversation started! 

Cody Hale
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