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Mason City Schools Athletics Advertising

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Support Mason City Athletics with Business Advertising

Advertising on school district websites can be a strategic decision for businesses looking to support education and engage with their local communities.  Whether you are looking for community engagement, a target audience, local visbility, build relationships or support education in your community, ads can help both your business and the schools.

You can support Mason City Athletics for as little as $20/month advertising your business on their website and in return receive exposure to thousands of local families each month all while helping your district receive a lower technology bill allowing schools to allocate money in other places.

Program Benefits:

Free Artwork

As a sponsor, we create the artwork at no cost. Send us any assets you want us to use to brand your ad and we will work with you to get it created.  

Update Quarterly

Update your artwork once per quarter at no cost. Whether you just want to change the overall look or create a new offer for local families, we will update your spaces for you.  

Link To Your Website

Create a landing page on your own website or link to a specific page, we work with you to send traffic directly to your site to keep the conversation going.  

Reach Your Target Audience

Whether an orthodontist or the local pizzeria, we will work with you to find the space that brings you the most value.    

Sponsor Your Schools

  • All District Pages - $2000/year

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