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Email Marketing Helps Target Campaigns Keep Your Customers Informed

Email Marketing is an effective marketing strategy for businesses that need to stay in touch with stakeholders and customers. They provide a stream of valuable content, including business news and updates, product releases, industry knowledge, or “insider secrets” which can help current stakeholders or customers build and maintain your relationship. 

What does email marketing look like for my business? 

Email Marketing can be highly effective when it comes to attracting readership, drumming up interest in your product or service, or retaining relationships. 

Messaging goes out monthly, bi-monthly, or even weekly as a tool that serves as brief text snippets aimed at keeping your brand in the back of your readers’ minds so they will consider you when it comes time to make a purchase.  

Email Marketing will look different for each individual company. For some, they will simply be a few lines of introduction with links to blogs, deals, or resources. For others, they will be longer and may tell a story, share an experience, or promote a new product or feature. 

They are great options for almost any business as you can choose any topic, big or small, and then hand it off to Legend Web Works to produce call-to-action and all! 

What Email Marketing Options do I have? 

Email marketing is an effective tool in the digital marketing tool belt. Legend Web Works offers two distinct marketing options for your email needs.

Custom Newsletter Campaigns 

We offer you custom, personalized newsletters that you can send out to your existing clients or partners to drum up interest in a new product or service. Many brands also use newsletters to keep their mailing list in the loop on company news and updates. It allows you to continually offer something to your loyal customers or stakeholders.

Custom Email Templates 

We offer custom email templates for specific industry needs or requests. For example, you need an email template for requesting Google reviews to help boost your local online presence. Or you need help generating a “Thank you for your business” email or text message to send out post-service. Whatever your need may be, Legend Web Works is here to help you find solutions to make it easier to build your brand and reputation.  

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Generating Traffic To Your Website

With great content and links to learn more placed in your messaging, you offer the opportunity to have more in-depth content on your website and draw people back to your website. This in turn helps your SEO strategies by bringing more value to your website.  

Collecting Feedback 

Spending time to learn more about what customers like and dislike about your business is a great way to make sure you are addressing their pain points or expanding where there are new needs. This feedback proves to be invaluable in helping you grow as a company.  

Communicating With Your Audience

Your email list is filled with past and current clients and potentially people who have asked to be included on your email lists.  This gives you a great opportunity to focus on those who want to hear from you and maintain your connection.

Increasing Leads

Staying in contact with your audience is a great way to increase leads by bringing your customers back to you by purchasing another product (or the same product again) or using your brand for another service they didn't know you initially offered.  

Providing Value To Your Audience

Your audience wants to hear from you and you can provide valuable information to them - from services they didn't know you offer, sales you may be running, to tips and advice that are relevant to your customer base. 

Owning Your Media & Contact Lists

While so much of today's society puts focus on social media, you don't own any content you place on social media. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter own everything you put on their servers. Through email marketing, you own your content and should be utilizing it.

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