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Cincinnati Competitor Analysis

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Get Ahead of Your Competition with Competitor Analysis and SEO Strategies

Stop wondering if you are making the right moves. Your competitors are trying to outwork you. We won't let them. Legend Web Works gives you the inside scoop so you can counter the competition and then get a leg up on SEO. Your competitor analysis gives you all the information you need to shoot past your online competitors and find sustainable and organic SEO success. 


What is a Competitor Analysis? 

Competitor analysis is a custom and personalized report prepared by our SEO experts that provides you with an in-depth look at how your website, blogs, and social media are compared to your competitors. It is like a competitive audit that uses Legend Web Works' premium SEO software to analyze your online competitors and helps you stay ahead of the game by identifying areas where you can improve and adapt your digital strategies.

How Does a Competitor Analysis Work? 

Wanting to stay ahead of the competition? A competitor analysis by Legend Web Works is a perfect solution for your business's digital needs. We create a custom report that lets you keep a close eye on your top competitors. We help you identify your top five competitors and compare your website, keywords, and social media success against theirs. Based on the analysis, we provide insights and expert advice on the best digital media strategies for your business going forward.

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The Competitor Analysis Includes: 

Website Audit 

First, a website competition audit to inform you of the SEO success of your website and how you stack up against the competition. This includes a technical SEO audit, a blog audit, a page site speed audit, and a competitor backlink report.  

Keyword Report 

Second, a competition website keyword audit to examine your keywords and help you identify high-performing keywords, gaps in the keyword strategy, and opportunities for new keywords to improve the website's search engine visibility and organic traffic.   

Social Media Audit 

And third, a social media competition audit includes an analysis of the competitor's social media presence, including their social media platforms, content strategy, engagement rates, and overall performance. This helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor's social media strategy, as well as opportunities for improvement and growth for your own social media presence. 

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