The secret reason we do not build on WordPress, Wix or any other website builder

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We do not use out-of-the-box website builder software like WordPress. Gasp! We know. With 39% of the web built on WordPress you can see why it’s a natural gravitation for web designers. But what's the catch? 


We have a secret 


We do not build on WordPress, Wix or any other website builder because you are not in control of what you can and cannot build. There. We said it. We build our websites with our own custom, in-house software because we're control freaks. 

How does that benefit my business? 


It’s hard to believe that so many businesses are locked-in to endlessly maintaining themes, widgets, and backups. It’s a vicious cycle that forces businesses large and small to pay for a maintenance plan just to keep it all from crashing down. 


There is a better way. 


Many web design companies consist of talented designers. They are skillfully able to translate human thoughts into stunning productions. When it comes to website development though, that means they are designing stunning layouts around a prebuilt theme. They are not building the software from the ground up nor do they have the extensive knowledge of web security, accessibility, usability, and coding languages to build their own solutions for you. 


  • We have a talented team of designers and developers working together to continuously build new features and solutions as the landscape of technology changes.  
  • Your features are not limited by the constraints of any pre-built platform.  
  • Your designs and applications are unique to your business or organization. 
  • You can pivot quickly to the ever-changing landscape of web applications to provide solutions you need right now. Pandemic much? 
  • Your solutions change as your business changes. That registration process that worked well the first year by manually processing forms is now crushing your administrative time. You need web automation to do the heavy lifting.  
  • You don't have to worry about themes or installing a widget for every feature you are using on your site. We do our fair share of integrating with robust industry specific software programs; but we also offer solutions based on more than a decade of client input and requests. 


What about making edits to my site? 


We built and offer a no experience necessary content management system that allows you to make all your content edits easily. Learn more about content management systems. 


For anything that you cannot edit on your own, use our Support App to submit a request for training or solutions. We review your requests and provide both cost effective options and robust solutions so you can decide what works best for your business. Meet the Legend Web Works team. 




So, in the end, yes -- you can implement a website design on WordPress or Wix easily. However, the result is a decent looking site with intimidating editing tools, limited functionality, and the need for a web provider’s constant attention to your widgets and theme to keep it from crashing or getting hacked. 


When you are ready for a no-fuss solution that can pivot and grow with your business, we invite you to reach out so we can talk through solutions. 

Schedule a meeting to discuss solutions. 

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President & COO

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