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Who Can Build a Website for My Business?

Who Can Build a Website for My Business?

Your business needs a website.  


There are many different pathways for building a website, but only a few of them are effective.  


For many businesses, the goal of a website is simple. They want to attract new customers and make sales. However, websites also control your business's reputation and are an effective platform for showcasing new products and services. In short, they are a digital storefront for your business.  


For the best results, you need an experienced developer who knows how to build a website, what it takes for a website to attract customers, and how a website should look and function for the best chance of making a sale.  


The quality of your website can make or break your brand. So, choosing the best method of building a custom website is of the utmost importance for a small business.  


In this post, we will examine who you should hire to build your website. And whether you should use an experienced agency or freelance professional to build your website.  


What is the Difference Between a Freelancer and an Agency? 


Before we break down the pros and cons of agencies vs. freelancers, let’s define the difference between the two.  


An agency is a collective of professionals who have many years of experience in web development and design. They boast a team of multiple developers who will collaborate to build your website. In addition, they will often offer other services like marketing, social media services, search engine optimization (SEO) help, blog writing, and paid to advertise.  


Freelancers are web developers who work for themselves and hire clients on a rolling basis. They get to choose which clients they accept, work at their own pace, and set their own rates. You are only working with one person when you hire a freelancer. That means each individual freelancer comes with specific strengths and weaknesses. Not all freelancers are created equal. 


In either option, always make sure you do thorough research before hiring your website builder. Look at testimonials, bodies of work, and ask to speak to previous clients to ensure you are making the right decision for your business. 


Should I Hire an Agency or Freelancer to Build My Website? 


Your business is unique, so the answer to the question above depends on your needs and budget.  


Let's quickly break down the benefits and risks of working with each type of website builder.  


Web Development Agencies 


There is a reason that so many businesses choose agencies to build their sites. They offer unparalleled expertise and experience, with a team of seasoned professionals who will collaborate to make a website that meets your needs.  


These web developers are often well-rounded since the developers come from diverse educational backgrounds and have differing levels of experience.  


In addition, your website will be low maintenance as the web development team will be on hand to address any issues that arise after your website is built.  


Add to that, agencies are low-risk and high-quality as reputable agencies have been around for years and have built websites that work for many different businesses.  


So, why doesn’t everyone go with an agency? The biggest roadblock is the cost. Agencies will carry a higher price tag than other web development options and for new businesses or those with a low budget, the price of hiring an agency can be more than they would like to pay.  


However, as is the case with most services, you get what you pay for. The higher price tag gives you a higher quality website and a more responsive team. Also, a more experienced and diverse team will have fewer weak points and will deliver a more well-rounded product.  


Freelance Web Developers 


The biggest benefit that freelance web developers bring is that they can offer you a site at a lower cost than an agency. Freelancers can also be highly specialized, meaning if you need one particular function, or you need a site that thrives in a specific industry, a freelancer with specialized skills can meet this need (these highly specialized freelancers may be pricey).  


However, freelancers also carry a significant risk. The really good ones have limited capacity when it comes to the number of clients they accept, so you may have to sit on their wait list for a year or more. Less reputable freelancers may be able to accept you as a client immediately, but they are often less experienced, meaning they may not be able to meet all your needs or will take a long time to complete the project.  


Additionally, since freelancers work at their own pace, they can choose to stop working on your website for weeks or months at a time without any notice to your business. That means that your project can be left in limbo if your freelancer decides to drop off the face of the Earth or focus on another project instead of yours.  


Invest in a Website You Can Count On 


Your website is an investment, and whichever option you choose, be sure to spend serious time checking the body of work of potential web developers. 


For both agencies and freelancers, some options are better than others. It all depends on what your budget is and what you need from your website.  


If you want a web development agency that will listen to your needs, provides constant support, and helps you get a strong return on investment, then do yourself a favor and reach out to Legend Web Works. 


We have an experienced team of web developers who have built websites for hundreds of businesses just like yours. We have the latest knowledge in web development best practices, and we offer other web services like marketing, social media management, SEO, and blog writing to ensure customers find your business online.  


If you are ready for the website upgrade your business needs, then it is time to reach out to Legend Web Works today! 

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