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What is Threads?

What is Threads?

What is Threads? 

In the ever-changing world of social media, a new challenger has stepped into the ring. Threads, the world's fastest growing social network, is Meta's (the parent company for Facebook and Instagram) entry as a competitor for Twitter. 

Branded as a "new way to share with text," Threads is a social media network designed to allow users to quickly share text posts, news, images, and videos in short posts of 500 characters or less. The app had five million sign ups in its first four hours and as of today it already has over 100 million users. 

Many major brands, celebrities, businesses, and private users are already on board and using Threads. But what is Threads? Will it replace Twitter? And who is Threads best for? 

In this blog post, we will answer the questions above and tell you how you can create an account so your business can make the best use of Threads as a social media network. 


Everything You Need to Know About Meta’s New Social Network 

Threads was released on July 6, 2023 and has hit the ground running. Currently the fastest growing social media app by a wide margin, Threads is a free-to-download, text-based conversation app aimed at connecting people and organizations from all over the world. 

Threads is Meta-founder Mark Zuckerberg's answer to long-time social media stalwart, Twitter, as the latter has faced criticism from many users after its acquisition by tech mogul Elon Musk. With many looking for an alternative to Twitter, Zuckerberg utilized the Instagram team to create Threads. 

An app for sharing updates and joining public conversations, Threads boasts an easy sign-up process for those who already have Instagram. Users with Instagram accounts can quickly make a Threads profile with a few clicks and import all of their current Instagram followers. 

Threads will have a news feed occupied by posts from a user's followers, and users can post text posts of 500 characters, photos, or videos that are at most 5 minutes long. In addition, the Meta team says that Threads will soon be compatible with other social networks to allow for easy cross posting. 

Meant to take the good things that users like about Instagram; Threads will put those features in a Twitter-like landscape for an ambitious crossover between two of the most successful social media networks today. 


Comparing and Contrasting Threads and Twitter 

Threads and Twitter have many noted similarities, leading some to view Threads as a one-for-one replacement for Twitter. However, there are a few key differences that differentiate the two social media networks. 

The Meta team claims that their goal is to translate the positive features of Instagram (an app meant for sharing photos) to a "conversation app," or a text-focused app where public discourse is held. So, claiming that Threads is a direct replacement for Twitter may be too rash. Let's look at some of the similarities and differences between the two social networks. 


What are the Similarities Between Threads and Twitter? 

For two social networks that are thought to be direct competitors, there may not be as many similarities as you might think. As we previously said, both are designed to be conversation apps that are based around text posts and meant to inject users, companies, and organizations into public conversations. But beyond that, there are three main similarities between the two apps. 

  • Both have newsfeeds. The biggest similarity (beyond the overall concept) is that both apps have newsfeeds, main pages where all posts (Called "Threads" by Threads, and "Tweets" by Twitter) from followed accounts appear. Users can scroll through their newsfeeds for all the latest posts to stay up to date with the accounts and conversations they are following. 

  • Both have the ability to like posts. This is true of nearly all social media apps, but both Threads and Twitter allow users to "like" posts they enjoy or agree with by clicking a small heart icon. This allows users to show support for those posts or accounts that they find important. 

  • Both have the ability to repost. Both Threads and Twitter give users the ability to repost content created by other users to their page. This means users can share posts that they agree with or want to amplify to their own followers so the information can reach a wider audience. 


What are the Differences Between Threads and Twitter? 

Despite the similarities between the two social networks, Threads and Twitter have a few distinct differences. Some of these differences may seem small but they can have a major impact on user experience and results. Let's look at three main differences between the two social networks.  

  • A difference in branding. Threads and Twitter both have distinct brand differences that stick out immediately. First, Twitter calls posts "Tweets" while Threads calls posts on their network "Threads." Second, while Twitter calls reposts "retweets," Threads sticks to simple semantics and calls them "reposts." 

  • Different post lengths. While Twitter users can post Tweets up to 280 characters, Threads users can type a little more, with posts maxing out at 500 characters. 
  • Compatibility with Instagram. Threads and Instagram will be highly compatible in a way that Twitter cannot be. Threads posts can be posted directly to Instagram feeds, while links can be posted on other apps. Twitter currently has no such compatibility with other apps, but users can post Twitter links on other apps currently.  


The Future of Social Media with Threads 

Threads is the fastest growing social media network in the world today, surpassing 100 million sign ups less than a week after it was launched. While many have been quick to point out the similarities between Threads and Twitter, there are a few distinct differences that separate the two social media networks.   

Additionally, Threads plans to make cross-platform posting more efficient in the future as it looks to solidify its fast growth into long-term success.  

Now that you know more about Threads, will you sign up?  

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