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Simple Automations for Small Business Success

Automations for small businesses

Your time is valuable. And if you run a small business, you don’t have a second to waste.  

Many tasks that make up your business’s day-to-day operations are repetitive, laborious, and do not require critical thinking.  

These tasks are a waste of your workers’ time and talent, but you are apprehensive about automating them because you fear mistakes and oversights.  

You can set your worries aside. Automation has come a long way in just the past few years. Today there are many tasks that, when automated, can save your business a plethora of man-hours per day.  

In this post, Legend Web Works has assembled a list of the top tasks to automate for small business success.  

Automate These Tasks to Save Your Small Business Thousands Per Year 

The twentieth century is over! The age of automation is here! 

Consider automating these six tasks to help your small business save money and man-hours.  

Use Quoting Software for Creating Quick Quotes and Follow-Ups 

Your prospects value a quick quote when they are looking for high-value returns on their projects. Quoting software helps you get back to them with a reliable quote in seconds rather than hours.  

In addition, you can save man-hours since quoting software can automatically follow up with the prospect a day or two after you send them a quote. 

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can send a prospective client a tailor-made quote, instead of spending hours working on the quote and then following up days later.  

Automation Helps Your Small Business with Scheduling 

Your secretaries and executive assistants have better things to do than spend time manually typing meetings into a calendar.

Automated scheduling software not only saves your employees time but also prevents double booking and last-minute schedule changes. 

Automate Your Email and Text Message Marketing 

Email and text marketing are very effective strategies to help you attract and retain customers and clients.  

Automate your email and text marketing campaigns to save your marketing team time and effort.  

Email automation allows you to: 

  • Craft compelling email campaigns in minutes 

  • Send personalized emails to clients quickly 

  • Save hours per week by preventing you from having to send messages manually 

Marketing automation tools allow you to create follow-up emails, personalized pitches, and more to help you attract customers to your small business. 

Automate Your Forms and Submissions 

Does your website use forms or job applications? Automate them! 

Automated forms improve response times on new leads, allow you to send personalized messages based on the client’s wants or needs, and save you time by eliminating manual data entry.  

Automate Your New Employee Onboarding Process 

When you hire a new employee, it can take hours (or days!) to completely onboard them.  

Onboarding tasks are often repetitive and time-consuming. Automate them to save your human resource professionals dozens of hours.  

This does a few things. First, it makes a strong first impression on new employees, second, it allows new hires to get to work more quickly, and third, it gives you more time for training. 

Legend Web Works Helps You Handle Complex Marketing 

Now that you know the top five tasks your business should be automated, you can save yourself thousands of dollars per year and hundreds of man-hours.  

While it is true that automating your email and text message marketing can help save you time and money, some marketing tasks simply cannot be automated.  

When it comes to social media posts, blog writing, and SEO management, leave it to the pros at Legend Web Works.

Legend Web Works creates original and compelling content for your small business to help you get found on the web and drive up your sales.  

Ready for a marketing upgrade that will almost feel automated? Reach out to Legend Web Works today! 

Are you happy with the Legend Web Works difference? Leave us a review on Google today!

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