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School Website Feature and Design Ideas

School website designs on desktop and mobile phone

School websites are more important than ever before. Not only are they used as tools to disseminate relevant information to parents and students, but they also serve as a hub of education outside of school hours.  

Every year the demands placed on your school's website become greater and greater. Because of this, school administrators must plan to add new features to their site every year to make it a more effective tool for learning.  

A high-functioning and responsive website is one of the greatest assets a school can have. Not only that but ensuring your site is interactive and mobile-friendly is today a necessity.  

However, it can be very difficult to know what features your school website needs to succeed.  

You’re in luck! Legend Web Works is here to help. Below we have assembled our list of the top school website features and design ideas to include on your site for the 2022-2023 school year and beyond. Keep reading to find out more.  

New Features to Add to Your School Website 

School websites offer many different features and opportunities. Their most basic function is to make it easier for teachers and administrators to communicate with students, and for students to access information 24/7.  

But how can you improve your school’s site for the upcoming school year? Here are a few ideas for you to consider.  

Ensure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly 

In today's world, having a mobile-friendly school website is a necessity. While most visitors will still view your site on their desktop, a sizable portion will visit on their mobile phones.  

Schools must adopt a seamless, interactive website across desktops, phones, tablets, and other devices.  

If your site is not already mobile-friendly, this should be your priority.  

Make Sure Your Site is ADA Compliant 

Remember that your students and parents may have disabilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that your school’s website can meet its needs.  

Work with your developer to check that your site meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This will make your site more inclusive, and it will be more accessible for everyone.  

Incorporate Social Media 

Your school’s social media accounts are the second most powerful digital asset you have (after your website, of course). Join your two most powerful digital assets together for maximum impact.  

Your school’s social media accounts should be connected to your website so students, parents, and teachers can access relevant information all in one place.  

Provide Advanced Search Options 

Your school’s website is a vast source of information. Make sure it is as easy as possible for visitors to find what they are looking for.  

The best and most simple way to ensure that visitors can find the information they are looking for is to incorporate an advanced search bar into your site.  

Make sure this function includes a filter option to help searchers narrow down options. This includes filters such as educational articles, case studies, school policies, and more.  

Give a Comprehensive FAQ Page 

Many of your site’s visitors have frequently asked questions. Make sure you have a page with some common questions to make it as easy as possible for visitors to get relevant information as quickly as possible. 

Online Assignment and Resource Options 

One of the best ways to use your website as an information hub is by giving teachers the option to add assignments, lesson plans, or other relevant information directly on your website.  

Get the Best School Websites with Legend Web Works 

Building and maintaining a great school website is no easy accomplishment. It takes work and commitment to stay up to date with the trends and student needs.  

However, just because a school website is expansive, it doesn’t need to be expensive. With Legend Web Works, we offer the option of reduced-cost or even no-cost websites when you sign up for on-page advertisements from local businesses and vendors.  

Here's how it works: Legend Web Works offsets the cost of your website by selling ads to local businesses and vendors for you. These businesses pay for spaces on your site, and in return, the costs of your website are offset or completely covered.  

Interested in taking the next step? Reach out to Legend Web Works today! 

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