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Restaurant Websites Go Further with Legend Web Works

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Who doesn’t love to go out for a meal?  

The smells, culture, atmosphere, and restaurants have them all. At Legend Web Works, we are extraordinarily pleased to serve as website architects for restaurants all over the Greater Cincinnati area.  

In many ways, restaurants are unique businesses. As such, their websites often need some special features to help them meet the needs of their unique clientele.  

Legend Web Works offers a multitude of options to help restaurants customize their websites and meet the needs of their customers.  

In this post, we will go over some of the special features Legend Web Works offers for restaurant websites and how your restaurant can take advantage.  

Better Sites for Better Eateries 

If you manage a restaurant, then you know customer service and convenience are important when you are looking to attract and maintain customers. At Legend Web Works, we understand these needs.  

Consider the following features for your restaurant’s website.  

Menu Display 

If you don’t have a menu display already, now is the time to add this feature. Go beyond the antiquated, blurry picture of a paper menu. Legend Web Works lets you integrate your menu directly on your website.  

From appetizers to desserts, you can include your entire menu on your site, including prices, pictures, descriptions, and more.  

Help your customers decide exactly what they want before they ever step foot in your restaurant.  

Gift Purchasing 

What if you could sell your gift cards and merchandise without your customer ever having to set foot in your restaurant?  

With the online gift purchasing feature, your options are wide open. Allow your customers to get a gift for their loved ones or themselves so they can worry less and enjoy better food.  

We make sure all online transactions are secure and as painless as possible.  

Regular Events Tool 

Are you involved with your community? Does your restaurant often host events and activities? What better way to boost than through the regular events tool?  

Make sure your site visitors know exactly what is happening, when, and where. We make it easy to advertise events at any date and time. 

Scan to Pay 

Point-of-sales systems are now more advanced than ever. Contactless payment for dine-in, delivery, and take-out make paying for food quicker and easier. An improved customer experience and reduced time from grill to mouth will make you wonder why you didn't switch to scan to pay sooner.  

Customer Loyalty Programs 

You know and love your regulars, so why not reward them for their loyalty? With the customer loyalty program feature, you can keep your customers coming back with skip-the-line ordering, reward functionality, order history, dietary needs tracking, and more.  

Integrate Delivery Services 

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that delivery and contactless orders have become more popular than ever. Now you can connect and integrate your business with over 48 different delivery services (like Uber Eats, Door Dash, Grubhub) or you can start your own service. You have never had more options when it comes to delivery. 

Scan to Order 

What is easier than a customer who knows what they want? One who knows what they want and who has already ordered. Right now, your customers can place orders before a waiter ever comes their way. Simply scan a QR code with your phone and you can order directly from the online menu.  

Not only will this speed up tableside orders, but it will also turn times, meaning you can serve more hungry customers.  

Mobile and Online Orders 

You can now accept orders online and through mobile devices. Intuitive order balancing keeps the kitchen running smoothly so you never miss a beat (or an order). Your customers who ordered ahead will feel confident in knowing their food will be ready upon their arrival. And you can feel better knowing that you will have time to complete an order, even during peak hours.  

Reserve Your Peace of Mind 

Legend Web Works offers many features specially designed to help restaurants improve their customer experience. But the biggest advantage we bring is the peace of mind of knowing that your restaurant never misses an opportunity to attract new customers.  

These exciting features help attract customers to your site and your store and make it as convenient as possible for them to access your more advanced features.  

Ready for a better site? Contact Legend Web Works now and ask about adding some of these features to your site. Or, if you want an overall improvement to function and style, then it is time to upgrade. 

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