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Legend Web Works will be closed on the following dates for the Holiday Season: December 25, 2023 - January 1, 2024.
In the event of a business emergency, please email [email protected] or call 513-254-9081 for assistance during this time.

Preparing Your Content

A piece of paper reads "prepare for the holidays:
The season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a swirling, chaotic time where commerce is high, and the economy reaches a fever pitch. Likewise, many professionals see their businesses reach an unprecedented busy season, while time off for the holidays looms.
If you oversee content management for your business, you must devise a strategy well in advance of the winter holiday season.  

This post will give you several tips to plan your content for the holidays and give you the leg up on the competition. 

Anticipate the Trends 

Look at the trend of your business and see the rate of orders for your company during the holiday season. Online shopping increases drastically after Thanksgiving and for many commerce businesses, this is their most busy time of year.  

Answer the following question: does your business need fresh content or new discounts? 

Customers are always on the lookout for the best deal for their dollar. Anything you can do to lessen the price of your products or services will go a long way towards increasing your gross sales. Make sure your content is in line with your discounts and that all benefits are advertised to your clientele. 

Survey Your Audience 

To understand what type of content you need to put out, you need to understand your audience’s needs. Does your audience want information? Do they want product promotion? It depends on your industry and what kind of services you provide.  

There are two methods of gauging your audience’s needs.  

  1. Review Past Analytics 
    First, you can go over your company’s analytics to see what type of content has done best in previous holiday seasons. You will want to look for content that has a high engagement and click rate. You can either rewrite similar content, or else you can republish your old content (so long as you re-read it for time-sensitive errors).  

  1. Survey Your Base 
    Second, you can survey your client base directly using a questionnaire sent to their email. This is perhaps the best method of the survey as your base will tell you their up-to-the-minute needs. However, you must make sure you are getting a significant sample. Your data will be no good if you only get four responses. Ensure that you get at least 20 or more responses or else you will not be able to form a reliable strategy based on the results. 

Create a Timeline 

Once you have a strategy set in place based on your research, you will need to determine a realistic timeline based on how much content you need and how often you need to publish. If you need a piece a week (or more), then you must have your content finished well in advance so that you have enough time for review and revision.  

Go Evergreen! Content that you can use again year after year is called evergreen content. It is extremely valuable because it requires only one writing session then reaps the benefits of high-quality content for years to come. 

Promote and optimize your existing content when you can, as using what you already have will save you time and resources. Ideate your content subjects, and know exactly what the result will look like.  

Identify keywords that are popular in your industry and use them heavily to attract those that are searching for products and services in the holiday season.  

You will need to write articles and blog posts, source appropriate photos and graphics, and be highly active on your social media.  It is crucial that you keep your company visible during the holiday season if you hope to maximize your sales. 

Get Your Ducks in a Row 

Between Thanksgiving and the New Year is the best time to promote your content and drive your company’s sales. You will need to produce a vast amount of content and remain active on your social media to maximize engagement.  

You will have to anticipate the trends based on past data and have your strategy planned out in advance months before the holiday season. You can use past data to create this strategy or otherwise survey your client base for fresh information. 

If you are struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of content you need to produce during the holiday season, reach out to Legend Web Works for help. Legend Web Work’s marketing department are seasoned pros when it comes to creating top-of-the-line content for every industry. 

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