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New Role: Director of Marketing at LWW

New Role: Director of Marketing at LWW!


Legend Web Works is expanding! We are always on the lookout for ways to strengthen and optimize our team, and we are pleased to announce that we have carried out this goal by adding a new position to our growing marketing team, the Director of Marketing!

Dominic Altier was hired for this role in early June, and he is already making a strong impression.  

In this post, we will tell you more about the Director of Marketing role, Dominic, and how you can expect this new role to affect you as a client. 


Pleased to Meet You (Again), Dominic! 


If you have worked with Legend Web Works for your website and web development needs for a while, then you may remember Dominic as a graphic designer.  

In 2019, Dominic left to pursue an opportunity as head of marketing in the computer production industry. At the time, Legend Web Works did not have a marketing department and it was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye. 

After four years away from Legend Web Works, Dominic is back with experience leading marketing efforts on a company-wide scale and ready to lead us into a bright new marketing future.  

Below you will learn more about the Director of Marketing role. 


What does the Director of Marketing Role Entail? 


As the Director of Marketing, Dominic will be the captain of the marketing team’s ship. He will handle making sure each client is heard and their needs are met. Additionally, Dominic will ensure that all content stays in line with the client’s marketing strategy for a better overall product.  

Dominic will also stay up to date on all the latest marketing trends and all things SEO to make sure we are serving our clients as best we can. Along with this, as Director of Marketing, Dominic will also invest time advising and developing our content, SEO, and social media specialists to improve Legend Web Work’s internal operations.  


Why Did Legend Web Works Create This Role? 


Legend Web Works is growing! As our team and the services we offer continue to grow, we knew we needed a marketer with the experience necessary to lead this team and advise the executive team on how to best reach our goals. By adding Dominic to the team, it gives our Creative Director time to work with all designers (marketing and development) to ensure that we are the storytellers we want to be for our clients.  


How Will the Director of Marketing Work with the Creative Director? 


Dominic, as the new Director of Marketing, will work closely with our Creative Director to create a larger vision for each individual client. As our Creative Director oversees the creative aspects of our clients’ plans, Dominic will use his expertise in marketing to shape an overall strategy for our team to follow. This includes generating creative ideas for creative deliverables and ensuring our work aligns seamlessly with the established brand identity and strategic direction of each client.  

Together, our Creative Director and Director of Marketing’s primary objectives as a team encompass several crucial aspects of our department. These include strategy development, campaign planning and execution, maintaining brand consistency and messaging, and fostering collaboration with our creative marketing team. 


Learning More About Dominic 


Now that we understand a little more about what the Director of Marketing role will do, let’s take some time to learn more about Dominic. 


Dominic, what makes you unique on the Legend Web Works team? 


One thing that makes me unique, especially for the marketing department, is that I have over 20 years of experience with branding and digital design, and I am a former Lead Designer at Legend Web Works.  

Can you tell us some industry leaders that inspire you in your current position? 

Some of industry leaders that inspire me include Gary Vaynerchuk, Marty Neumeier, Michael Bierut, Debbie Millman, Chris Do, Ryan Holiday, and Seth Godin, just to name a few.  

What is your favorite part of your position so far? 

My favorite part of my position is that I get to work with fabulous people and interesting clients! That may sound cliche, but a leader is only as good as their team - and I have a great team. One of my favorite things about our clients is that they are so diverse, both in what type of business they run and in their marketing needs - it never gets old because each meeting is a new client with a unique problem, and finding customized solutions to those problems is literally one of the things that gets me up in the morning. 

What are some things that you enjoy outside of the office? 


I love going to the movies! I try to catch as many blockbusters in the theaters as I possibly can! If there's a new release you can bet your popcorn, I've seen it or have tickets to it. Another thing I have an affinity for is listening to music. For me, there is nothing quite like lounging on the couch, putting on my headphones, and listening to whichever album interests me. Lastly, I have a real passion for reading. I usually read fiction books (mysteries and thrillers are my favorites) and non-fiction books at the same time. 


A Future of Growth with Legend Web Works 


We are so pleased to welcome Dominic to the team! Legend Web Works has grown quickly over the past year, and the Director of Marketing role is just one of the new positions that make Legend Web Works great.  

As we continue to expand, we want you along for the ride! 

Legend Web Works is now offering more services than ever before, including reputation management, video production, full-service digital marketing, and more. 

If you are curious about how Legend Web Works can help your business for web development and beyond, click here to start a conversation! 

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