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Announcing the LWW Custom Forms Creator

A laptop and mobile device can now manage your websites forms on 6.0

The big developments continue at Legend Web Works. We are so thankful to have such an innovative team! 

In 2021, Legend Web Works proudly announced the beta launch of 6.0 our newest website platform. While we have provided top-tier website platform management for the past 20 years (yes, we do feel old), 6.0 has ushered in changes that we could only dream about in years past.  

Create Custom Online Forms Right On Your Website 

Forms are a great way to collect custom user data that your business can use to predict trends and drive sales. 6.0 gives you the chance to make your site’s forms entirely yours.  

This post will go over some of your options when it comes to building forms on your site. 

Move From Paper to Digital Instantly 

One of the best ways to ensure your business’s long-term success is through the collection of direct consumer data. This data can be used to inform company policy, drive sales, and recruit allies.  

Essentially, the more you know about your consumer, the easier it will be to market your products or services to them.

One of the best ways to collect data directly from your consumer base is with forms on your website.  

A form is a page connected to your website that a visitor can fill out to request information about your services. Forms can also be used as a method of facilitating direct sales.  

How can I use Forms? 

Because they are so useful, it can be easy to convince yourself that forms are difficult to use.  

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

Benefits to Using Forms On Your Site 

  1. No coding experience needed.  
    You don’t even have to know what HTML stands for. 

  2. Specify your data collection. 
    You can ask as little or as much information as you choose.  

  3. Easy data collection and seamless responses. 
    Once your reader submits your form, it is available instantly. You can even send your reader an email confirming their form response.  

  4. Unique URLs for each form. 
    Have multiple forms on your site? No problem! Each form has a unique URL to ensure that your reader is giving you the right information. 

  5. Validated form responses.
    During field validation, visitors are clearly shown which fields are mandatory, such as names, terms and conditions, and more.

  6. Forms are accessible on mobile devices. 
    Your readers can fill out forms instantly from the comfort of their smartphones. 

Do more with 6.0 Form Builder 

In the past, using the 5.0 platform, site owners had limitations on what they could include on their forms. Administrators could only edit prebuilt options, limiting the amount of data they could skim from any one form submission.  

Under 6.0, Legend Web Works is now offering administrators the choice to directly edit, add, or remove any sections, boxes, or options. This means you can make your site’s forms entirely unique to your business.  

Additionally, administrators now can add a payment option on any form to make immediate sales and speed up transactions.  

In the past, if you wanted to edit or add a new form, you had to contact Legend Web Works and have one of our web developers create the form for you.  

Now with 6.0, you can make instant changes to any form, and you can even build a new form from scratch.  

Now edit your website from your mobile device 

In short, business owners can do more with their forms than ever before. 

Forming a More Perfect Website 

Data collection is important.  

The more data you have, the more power your business has to make sales.  

Legend Web Work’s 6.0 platform offers you more options than ever before.  

You can now build unlimited forms on your site, including customer surveys, payment forms, HR forms, sign up forms, and more.  

If you don’t want to build forms in-house, Legend Web Works is still here to help. We still offer unique forms built by our expert development team. 6.0 is about giving you more options, not fewer.  

Are you ready to learn more about 6.0 and what it can offer your website? Reach out to Legend Web Works now! 

Contact Legend Web Works today! 

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