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6.0 Feature: Progressive Web Apps

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Legend Web Works has taken another step forward.  

By now, we all know the dramatic impact 6.0 has had on all aspects of website use. Those businesses which have elected to upgrade to 6.0 are already reaping the benefits of an improved site. Those who have yet to upgrade will soon experience the same benefits.  

One of the most exciting new features is the opportunity to include progressive web apps (PWAs) for download directly from your website.  

In essence, a PWA is a downloadable app that is a version of your site itself. The typical app you will encounter is a separate entity. A PWA makes it so any changes you make to your site immediately appear on the app. This is perfect for immediate or time-sensitive push notifications for info that you need to communicate to your clientele.  

Beyond that, PWAs are the best way to streamline your content. Display the key information that you want your reader to see. PWAs allow you to focus on a few key points to ensure your readers get everything you want and nothing you don’t.

But how do you know if you need a PWA for your business? 

This post will go over PWAs, what they can do for a website, and how to know if a PWA would benefit you.  

What PWAs Can do for a Website 

Currently, Legend Web Works employs PWAs for FAACT and several school systems throughout Ohio.  

In essence PWAs help your subscribers and clients keep up to date with immediate changes and allow you to streamline specific content. This is especially helpful for schools and public areas which are prone to closure due to weather emergencies. Any content you update on your site will immediately also appear on the app.  

A traditional app will struggle to keep up with immediate changes as an administrator will have to make changes on both the website and the app. PWAs allow for scalability and let you streamline what is most important.  

Not only that, but since PWAs allow you to download a website as an app, sites with PWAs have an advantage over sites that don’t. Since the site is already downloaded on your phone, you don’t have to worry about competing with other similar sites on Google.  

In short, if you need to update your clients and subscribers on up-to-the-minute info and want to streamline specific content, then a PWA may be a good fit for you. 

Should I Get a PWA? 

Unsure if your business should pursue a PWA?  

These types of businesses do best with PWAs: 

  • Schools  

  • Health care 

  • Outdoor spaces (golf courses and parks, for example) 

  • Restaurants 

  • Non-profits 

PWAs are best used when you need to communicate new product releases, immediate info, and delays or cancellations.  

Otherwise, you can use a PWA to focus on specific content. Show your readers what you want them to see and avoid any unnecessary info.  

Legendary New Features 

Legend Web Works has always put our clients first. Under 6.0 you can continue to expect top-notch features, superior customer service, and unparalleled commitment to progress.  

6.0 offers many new features including PWAs for select clients. Not only that but when your site upgrades to 6.0 you will notice improvements across the board. From site speed to performance, 6.0 is an investment worth making.  

If your site could use an upgrade, reach out to Legend Web Works and request an upgrade to 6.0 today.  

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