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School Website & Communications Platform

Wilmington School District Website Design and Development

At Legend Web Works, we know a school's website is more than just a place to post the school calendars and contact information. It's where you connect with your community, share upcoming news and events, and provide resources for your students and parents. A good school website isn't just another static newsletter or brochure - it's an essential part of your communications all year long, and it should be treated as such.

A school website that's easy to maintain is helpful, but it's even more imperative that you have someone there to help you keep it running smoothly as your needs change.

That's why we offer our Public & Private School Website Platform: we provide every aspect of service from designing to developing a great site from scratch—or rebuilding an existing site—and then keeping it running smoothly. As your needs change our in-house developers are available to build new features or integrate with the software you are already using.

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Full-Service School Website Packages:

School Website Design & Development

Wilmington City Schools' desktop mockup design

We partner with neighboring public and private schools to continuously develop our unique school platform. As a result, you get significantly reduced website costs and a website that school communicators edit and manage with ease.

In addition, school websites are required to meet web accessibility standards. Legend Web Works take great care to ensure both the functionality and the design of your school district or private school meet these standards.

Content Migration

phone screen showing Carlisle Schools home page and a yellow arrow pointing to the site

School websites have a ton of content! Oftentimes there's decades of content to migrate to the new site and it has to be done manually.

Legend Web Works recognizes this is a huge undertaking and includes migrating your content as part of our standard website services. 

We'll make it look good and you can edit it from your desktop or mobile device at any time!

Unlimited Online Forms

Little Miami's Resources page on a desktop monitor screen

Reduce paperwork and admin time by collecting information from parents and students online.

Report An Absence Forms

Middletown Schools' Report and Absence form on a desktop monitor

Parents can report absences on your school website and automatically notify the right administrators.

Website Users & Permissions

an illustration of 5 head and shoulder silhouettes below an icon for the world wide web, representing website users

Allow staff to make edits to the entire site or only the portions you give them permissions to.

Website Emergency & Alert Messaging

Wilmington City Schools' home page on both desktop and mobile devices and a red arrow pointing to the yellow alert banners at the top of the page

Quickly enable preplanned snow day and school alert messages from any device.

In an emergency keep parents and the community informed from any device with preapproved messaging.

School Mobile Apps

Lebanon City Schools and Kings Local mobile apps showing on two separate phone screens, in front of an orange hollow circle

You know that your parents, students, and the community expect seamless communication from you. They want to be able to contact you, find pertinent information, and stay updated on what's happening in your schools —and they want it to happen quickly.

With a progressive web app, you can give them exactly what they want. A progressive web app is designed to be fast, simple, and reliable. You don't have to worry about it crashing or slowing down—it's designed to work smoothly even on low-end mobile devices. And it will always be there when your customers need it.

The best part?

You don't even have to pay for an app store! People will just add your website to their phone's home screen. You'll be able to send push notifications right to their lock screen so you can communicate with your parents, students, and the community at any time of day or night.

We'll talk you through all of your options and help you make an informed decision about how best to meet the needs of your schools.

Website Domain Management and Renewal

The words .com, .net, .info with a checkmark in the .net box.

Domain transferring, registering, name servers & renewing, Oh My! 

Transferring and pointing your domain can be confusing and time-consuming to manage if you aren’t familiar with the process.  We handle all of this for you so you can be confident your domain is secure and renewed each year.

The last thing you want to happen is to have all of your hard work destroyed by forgetting to renew your own domain. We're here to ensure this doesn't happen to you.

If you prefer to manage your domain yourself you can do that too. We'll provide you with the information you need to point it to your new website.

Domain Tips For Your School

  • Be sure whoever is managing your domain won't hold it hostage and force you to pay to get it back from them.
  • Be sure whoever is managing your domain knows what they are doing. Your domain controls both your website and your email service at the very least. Be sure they know what they're doing!

School Website Security

A shield overlaying a web application indicating SSL

A secure website builds customer confidence, trust, and ultimately sales.

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts the connection between the visitor's device and your website.

All data transmitted is encoded and secure including personal details, login information, payment information, and any other sensitive data that may be transmitted.

The proper installation and maintenance of an SSL means activity on your website is secure and private.

  • Secure your site with an SSL issued to your domain name.

  • Ensure visitors can fill out your online forms safely and without warning messages.

  • Ensure your site does not display a site not secure warning. When you have an SSL certificate installed on every page, visitors see a reassuring padlock icon showing that the connection is fully secured.

  • This helps prevent others, like Internet cafes, Internet Service Providers, and Wi-Fi hotspots, from seeing your search results page and login information.

  • Since browsers have transitioned to a more secure web, websites with an SSL installed receive a slight SEO ranking boost.

Web Accessibility Audits & Reports

LaSalle High School's ADA Policy page showing on a laptop screen next to the ADA logo

Combine Software with Human Audits to Ensure Inclusivity

Accessibility standards weigh in on every design & your website software to ensure a welcoming experience for everyone.

As time goes on requirements change and our in-house development team is constantly evolving our core software to help make the websites we build a welcoming experience for everyone.

Due to these ongoing changes, many school websites will require technical updates to comply with the enforced WCAG 2.1 standards.

We're equipped to help make changes to your site and help you navigate these rules as they evolve.

School Website Hosting

A server and a cog and a web application graphic connected to each other.

Web hosting that's secure, monitored, and reliable.

Website hosting services typically aren't in the spotlight but they are the bones and workhorses for your school's website operation.

Rest assured that your accounts are renewed, safe, backed up, and monitored at all times with professional management and configuration of your web hosting.

  • 24/7 hosting account monitoring
  • Daily backups

The storage, security, and reliability you need from your web hosting.

This is where all of your files are stored so your website can display on the internet.  It’s secure and monitored 24/7.  Our Tier IV data center is strictly business when it comes to uptime, monitoring, and maintenance.


Compared to other hosting services that boast a 99% uptime (with a remaining 1% accounting for almost 9 hours of downtime) our hosting services have a distributed uptime of 99.997% (which equates to a total downtime of only 15 minutes!).

Monitored by Real People

  • Real people monitor the servers and sites 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • The software keeps watch over the full infrastructure on three continents
  • In the rare event technical staff has to take action, they do so within seconds of being notified.

Support & Training

orange circle with an illustration of a headset and a gear in the middle

For many districts, communications and marketing departments are a luxury, and one-person departments are not uncommon. Our proven model strengthens your district's communication toolbox, giving you the platform you need to communicate with excellence and the support you need along the way.

Hands-on training is always available for you, your team, and new hires as needed throughout the life of your website. And whether you decide to call, email, or submit requests via your online account, our support team cares about your specific needs and workload. Clear communications and explanations coupled with our efficient response times demonstrate our commitment to your success.

School Tech Partners

The Education Connection

Classroom Bell System

Configure pre-scheduled bell time changes and use both phone and speaker systems as alerting devices. 

Easily replace your older or manual-controlled bell system with modern clocks and bells which are easy to control and maintain.  Or choose to keep your current system and interface with them with this system that is easier to use.

Rapid Notifications

Instantly Notify Groups via phone, text, or email.

  • students
  • staff members
  • employees

Send detailed phone call messages through a cloud-based crisis contact system or text message.  

Automatic Notifications For Daily Reminders

Expedite the process of making calls to parents with automation.

Automate your:

  • Absence Calls
  • Lunch Account Balance Reminders
  • Library Calls
  • Transportation Alerts
  • And more!

School Websites That Communicate

School websites have to communicate the right message to the right group of people at the right time. An extremely organized, reliable, and customizable school website is essential!

La Salle High School website home page displayed on desktop and mobile.


Custom Website Design & Mobile App

  • Academic Calendar
  • Employee Directory
  • School News
  • Campus Ministry and Events
  • Student Admissions
  • Custom Website Platform
  • Content Management System
Little Miami School District website home page displayed on desktop and mobile.


Custom Website Design & Mobile App

  • Staff Directory
  • News/Announcements
  • Calendar of Events
  • School and District level Pages
  • Emergency & Sitewide Alerts
  • School Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Custom Website Platform
  • Content Management System
Middletown School District website home page displayed on desktop and mobile.


Custom Website Design & Mobile App

  • Report An Absence Online Forms
  • Staff Directory
  • News/Announcements
  • Calendar of Events
  • School and District level Pages
  • Emergency & Sitewide Alert
  • School Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Custom Website Platform
  • Content Management System

We're glad you're here! Book a time to put a plan together with LWW right away or fill out the online contact form. We look forward to speaking with you about your school website needs.

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