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Custom Website Design & Development

Expect experience from us.

Through a series of 4 consultations, we anticipate your needs and become part of your team. 

Our experienced project teams guide you through the process of:

  • Choosing page layouts,
  • Making confident brand and web design choices,
  • Editing & optimizing your content,
  • Launching your site!

Grab a cup of coffee if that’s your thing, sit back, and enjoy the process.

Ongoing Client Support & Website Maintenance

We know it doesn't stop here. Our in-house client support team is ready for further website training and website solutions you need down the road. 

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Get Found On Google

Your customers are looking.  Can they find you?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your business found in search results.  While there are many avenues to do this we offer practical and actionable steps you can take that produce both immediate and long term results.

Your 2021 SEO Essentials:

  1. A fast loading, accessible, and responsive website
  2. Fresh Sitemaps
  3. Page Titles, Page Descriptions and alt text
  4. Google Search Console
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Content Keywords
  7. Google My Business Profile
  8. Performance Reporting

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Hosting, Email & Domains

It's Secure, it's monitored, it's included.

These services typically aren't in the spotlight but they are the bones and workhorses for your operation.

Professional management and configuration of your web hosting, domain(s), and your email service. Rest assured that that all of your accounts are renewed, safe and monitored at all times.

We connect and manage it all for you:

  • Domain registration, management and renewals
  • Domain pointing, DNS management and renewals
  • Email server configuration
  • 24/7 hosting accounting monitoring
  • Daily backups


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Hosting, Email & Domain Packages

Responsive mobile-first website designs
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Engage with your customers no matter their device with a custom responsive website.

A responsive design and website is now the baseline for businesses that want to grow their business. The majority of searches are now done on a mobile device and a responsive website, built properly, caters to mobile users by changing form based on the mobile device they are using.


With Google ranking sites by their mobile content; a mobile-first responsive site is a critical part of your organization's online presence.

What does Google's mobile first indexing mean for your site now?

Search Engine Optimization Packages

Website Hosting

The storage, security and reliability you need from your web hosting.

This is where all of your files are stored so your website can display on the internet.  It’s secure and monitored 24/7.  Our Tier IV data center is strictly business when it comes to up time, monitoring and maintenance.


Choose from our standard or elite hosting depending on your needs.


1GB of storage space


100GB of storage space


Email Hosting

Communicating via email with your company domain builds confidence and trust in your customers.

Create personal email addresses for your team members, set up forwarding rules, auto responses and access your messages securely wherever there is internet access.


Additionally if you are using an external exchange mail provider such as Google Mail or Office 365 our team can work with your provider to ensure your email is still sent to the right place.

Google My Business Profile

When you make it easy to do business on your Google Business Profile, your business grows.

Your Google My Business Profile is speaking volumes about your business, whether it has up-to-date information about your organization or not. Let our team take this job off your plate so you can focus on your business.


  • Profile Optimization. Your Google My Business listing compliments your website by showing pertinent information about your business without even needing to click on a search result. With all of this information readily available it is imperative that it's accurate, optimized and represents you well.
    How to update your Google Business Profile Hours.
    How to create a Covid-19 Update.

  • Review Monitoring & Responses: Since customers can leave reviews on your profile anytime, monitoring those reviews can be a 24/7 job. Our team monitors & responds to your reviews and alerts you directly of any that require a direct immediate response from you.
    Is your Google Business Profile giving the right impression?

  • Get more positive reviews. Get a direct link to request reviews from past and present customers. You can then add your review link to emails, newsletters, social profiles and your website to build on your profile’s positive reviews.
Domain Management

Domain management entails transferring, registering, name servers & renewing, Oh My! 

Transferring and pointing your domain can be confusing and time consuming to manage if you aren’t familiar with the process.  We handle all of this for you so you can be confident your domain is secure and renewed each year.

If you want to manage your domain yourself you can do that too. We'll provide you with the information you need to point it your new website.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is the next step after a responsive website.

Picking up on your client and customer queues a Progressive Web App (PWA) satisfies the custom experience mobile users have come to rely on.


Progressive Web Apps offer:


  • Faster load times.
  • Offline Accessibility.
  • No app store required. Simply add to the home screen on a mobile device.
  • Requires less storage space on a mobile device.
  • A custom, high end user experience.

Why your business needs a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Oak Hill Sports Athletics Progressive Web App
Fresh Sitemaps

Submit a sitemap to signal to Google that your content has changed.

You have worked hard on your website content.  Don't let your hard work go unnoticed. With a new sitemap submitted to Google monthly you can be sure your old content gets removed from search results and your new content gets added.


  • New sitemaps are generated and submitted to Google each month.
  • This signals Google to remove pages, images, PDFs, etc from their search results that no longer exist on your site and add any new ones!


eCommerce (online store) Solutions

Spoil your customers with organized products and an easy checkout on your eCommerce website.

Customized Shipping & Pickup Options

Integrate with USPS, UPS & FedEx.

Offer your customers:

  • free shipping,
  • in-store/curbside pickup,
  • & local delivery

Accept Payment Online

Choose from PayPal (Standard, Advanced or Pro), and Sage. 

If you have someone else in mind let us know. Our in-house development team has integrated with many other payment processors over the years.


Promote Discount Codes

Create discount codes and market your products by offering flat or % discounts. Set seasonal discounts with a start and end date for easy management.


Customer Messages

Provide custom messages to your customers during their checkout process for shipping & return policies and thanking them for their order.


Manage Orders

Manage orders online and have order details emailed directly to you after successful transactions.

Google Analytics

Start collecting data to understand when and how your customers access your website with Google Analytics.

With Google Analytics installed you can build a complete picture of how users navigate your content, the time they spend on your site and from what avenues they arrived at your site and much more!

Creating a Google Analytics account and installing the tracking code on your website is the first step to collecting the data.

Our team can do this for you and ensure you have access to your account.

School District Websites

A school district website platform offering a comprehensive product, built on a strong foundation.

In our experience working with businesses, non-profits and government entities throughout the years, we discovered just how much schools could benefit from a better website model. 

We started here in Southwest Ohio, partnering with neighboring school districts to design and develop a unique model built specifically for schools. In the process, we have significantly reduced website costs for these districts with our optional sponsorship program.

Our success in Southwest Ohio has led to growing interest and we're ready to be the solution your school district needs.


A seamless transition and discounted rates

Giving you more than the average web design company, the added benefits of choosing Legend Web Works include:

  • FREE set-up including custom design and content migration
  • FREE support and training
  • ADA reporting services available
  • Discounted development rates for the life of your website

View School Website Details


Middletown Home Page
Google Search Console

Monitor your website's activity and health with Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows you to maintain and monitor your website's organic performance. This is a great tool if you are working on your site's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or need insights on new ways you can get your website found in search results.

Gain important insights about:


  • Keywords that are getting you found on Google.
  • Clicks to your site from search results.
  • Impressions or how many times your site showed up in search results.
  • Crawl errors where Google was having trouble finding your page.
  • and more!

We create, verify & connect your account to ensure you have access to view your results anytime.


Content Management System

We make updating your website easy with no-fuss, custom editing tools.

No experience needed.  Our exclusive content management systems are built by our in-house development team and based on 18+ years of client input.


  • Tailored for any skill level
  • Do it yourself or delegate the task to someone else. 
  • Edit anytime and anywhere with internet access.

Learn more about Content Management Systems (CMS).

Performance Reporting

Custom website performance reporting lets you truly know your audience and know where they hang out.  

Google Analytics is an excellent resource but can be time consuming to find or know what you are looking for.

Our custom reports simplify this for you. Data is delivered directly from your Google Analytics account to the report in a high level, easy to interpret format.


  • Access anytime
  • Quick insights about where your audience comes from and where they go.
  • No digging through data
  • Track real time results
  • Make decisions for your business based on real interaction with your brand online
Website Security & SSL

A secure website builds customer confidence, trust and ultimately sales.

With the proper installation and maintenance of an SSL activity on your website is secure and private.

  • Ensure visitors can fill out your online forms.
  • Ensure your site does not display a site not secure warning.
  • This helps prevent others, like Internet cafes, Internet Service Providers, and Wi-Fi hotspots, from seeing your search results page and login information.


School Website Advertising

Advertise to your community!

School advertising lets you market directly to the parents, families, students and staff within a school district while showing your community support.  

Legend Web Works provides high-quality, low-cost websites to area school districts that include a limited number of advertising spaces. 

These websites include a limited number of advertising spaces that allow you to promote your business to the community directly on the school's website.

Contact us to get started

School District Website Logos
Search Engine Optimization Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools built right in that help Google find and index your content.

While our website software automates much of this process for you, you can customize your websites meta data for Google search engine result pages including:

  • Page Titles
  • Page Descriptions
  • Image Alt tags
  • H1 tags

View all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services

Legend Web Works SEO Toolkit Admin

Writing website content for your own business is oftentimes harder than copywriting for someone else.


If you've ever sat down to write content for your own business you know that while you are the expert, you may find yourself staring at the blinking cursor struggling to get started.


We can help.


Choose just a few pages or the entire site. The end result is keyword rich page content crafted specifically for your ideal customer.

Logo Design & Branding

Logo design during a website rebuild is a natural way to help you define and build your brand. 

During website consultations your project team learns a lot about your organization that lays the groundwork for your brand identity. Including this process during your website development is a natural way to help you define and build your brand. 


Brand Moodboard

Inspired by font types, sizes, and color schemes, our team presents you with up to 3 cohesive palettes to visually define your brand.


3-4 Original Logo Concepts

Based on your input, our design team team brings your logo to life. First in black and white and then in color, choose the logo that best defines your organization.



The files below are delivered to you in the following formats: .psd, .eps, .jpg, .png. pdf

  • Final black & white logo files 
  • Final color logo files 
  • Brand pattern and texture files
  • Facebook profile graphic 
  • Instagram profile graphic 
  • Twitter profile graphic
  • Website favicon
  • Basic style guide outlining your brand standards including: typography, color codes, usage guidelines and styling notes.
WCAG and Web Accessibility

Make your website content more accessible and a welcoming experience for everyone.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) outline how to make the web content more accessible for people with disabilities, more compatible with assistive technology and more user friendly in general.


We can help you identify web accessibility and WCAG errors that may need correcting for optimal accessibility.

What is web accessibility?

5 Web Accessibility checks you can do in under 15 minutes


Online Forms

Online forms are an incredibly easy way to solve a variety of data and payment collection needs.

No matter the size or type of organization you have, consider eliminating paper and improving your productivity by integrating online forms into your day-to-day.


Payment Forms


To make collecting payments safe and secure on your website we integrate with trusted names in payment processing including and PayPal. Below are a few of the most common payment forms.


  • Online registrations
  • Ticket purchases
  • Golf outing registrations
  • Invoice payments
  • Donations
  • Purchase Orders


Internal and Customer Forms


Make your day-to-day interactions with employees and customers a breeze with online forms they can fill out and submit both from a desktop or their mobile devices.


Forms can be password protected allowing only your team to login to access them or you can make forms visible to anyone. 


Below are a few examples of the most common day-to-day forms that can go digital.


  • Vacation/Personal Time off request Forms
  • Referral Forms
  • Equipment Leasing/Check out Forms
  • Cancellation Forms
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Incident/Accident Reports
  • Change Request Form
  • Complaint Form
  • File Upload Form
  • Job Application Form
  • Refer A Friend Form
  • Rental Applications
Live Support & Training

Our in-house support team is ready to train and help you find new solutions as you grow.


Your website reflects the ongoing evolution of your organization. Therefore, we fully expect your website needs to change over time. Our dedicated support team is equipped for further website training and website solutions you need down the road.


Web hosting, domain management, email, security, and backups are all taken care of for you with a client support team to back you up.


Available Monday - Friday 9 am-5 pm EST

  • Use your online account or our mobile support app to send us a message anytime. 
  • Keep track of your entire account in one easy location.

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Custom websites designed for growth, security, accessibility, and optimization.

We are here for the long-term success of your business online. Whether you're ready to hit the ground running with all the bells and whistles right away or prefer to go slow and steady adding new features and solutions as needs arise, we have you covered.  

Why your business needs a custom website for long-term success.