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Social Media Marketing

Did you know the average American spends 325 hours per year on Facebook? That's a lot of brand face time. 

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Social media allows your brand to have face time with customers immediately. But coming up with content ideas, designing, writing, and posting everything is a full-time job in itself.

You can't possibly do it all.

You need a team dedicated to creating, posting, engaging, and keeping an eye on what works and what doesn't.

Legend has it.

Start A Conversation

Establish Your Social Media Goals

→ Attract a broader audience 

→ Increase traffic to your site

→ Increase brand awareness 

→ Address brand reputation

Choose your Social Media Service Level

Choose a service level that matches your budget and your goal. We'll meet you where you are right now.

All service levels include:

  1. Custom branded graphics 

    Each month new graphics are designed to suit your brand and your overall social media goals. 
    Send us your photos and branded collateral to work with if you have it.
    You'll have the option of approving new graphics before they go live. 
  2. Social Media Captions & Hashtags 

    Social media captions and hashtags are created for each post geared towards your social media goals. 
    You'll have the option of approving captions and hashtags before they go live. 
  3. Weekly posting schedule 

    Each week timely new posts will be delivered to their ideal platforms.  
    Engagement with each post is monitored for future optimization. 
  4. Reporting & Meetings

    Regularly meet with the team to discuss what's working and new strategies to reach your potential customers.
  • Best performing hashtags
  • Posts that get the most interaction
  • Which platforms are performing the best
  • Best content
  • Best time of day to post to reach your followers
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