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Business Blog Writing

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A Business Blog is like a 401k for your Content Marketing

You contribute to it regularly and reap the benefits of compounding returns.

There are generally two main ways of attracting visitors to your website:

  1. Paid traffic
  2. Organic traffic

Paid traffic is paying for placements on search engines or social media that can produce quick results. The only problem with this method is it requires continued payment (or significant increases in payment) to keep seeing results.

Alternatively, organic traffic is free, low maintenance, and a long-term website traffic solution. Start blogging early and consistently and reap the long-term benefits just like your 401k.

With either method, getting readers to your website is the main event.

Delegate all, or some, of your blog writing to Legend Web Works with a digital marketing package that works for you.

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Can I blog myself?

Of course! If you've got the writing bug, you can easily login to your content management tools and write, schedule, and optimize blogs yourself.

One of the features our bloggers love is the ability to schedule blogs out well in advance. If you're a fellow time-blocker dedicate your bucket of blogging time and knock out several blogs at once. Never skip a beat and write whenever the creativity strikes!

Blog Tip From Experts:
Write keyword-rich content. This means that your blog topics are full of keywords your ideal customers and clients are searching for. The terms your customers search for may be different than you think!

Keywords should appear in your site’s page titles, page headers, and the body of your copy.  

If you get writers block or you're so busy with your business you simply don't have the time to dedicate to blogging right now, we get it. 

Our team of marketing specialists is tremendously experienced at creating high-quality, keyword-rich content for websites in all industries.  Just say the word.

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