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Website Security & SSL

A secure website builds customer confidence, trust, and ultimately sales.

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts the connection between the visitor's device and your website.

All data transmitted is encoded and secure including personal details, login information, payment information, and any other sensitive data that may be transmitted.

The proper installation and maintenance of an SSL means activity on your website is secure and private.

  • Secure your site with an SSL issued to your domain name.

  • Ensure visitors can fill out your online forms safely and without warning messages.

  • Ensure your site does not display a site not secure warning. When you have an SSL certificate installed on every page, visitors see a reassuring padlock icon showing that the connection is fully secured.

  • This helps prevent others, like Internet cafes, Internet Service Providers, and Wi-Fi hotspots, from seeing your search results page and login information.

  • Since browsers have transitioned to a more secure web, websites with an SSL installed receive a slight SEO ranking boost.
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