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Business Email

Use email addresses with your business domain to build confidence and trust with your customers.

Create personal email addresses for your team members, set up forwarding rules, auto-responses and access your messages securely wherever there is internet access with our webmail platform.

You can choose to store the email in the webmail platform or pull it down into an email software program like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird.


If you are already using a different email platform or have recently decided to make the switch to an exchange mail provider (like Google Mail or Office365) our team regularly works with IT providers (and can recommend some) to ensure a smooth transition.

The Roundcube webmail software create new message screen

No Ads & Your Data is not shared

Your email data is not shared with any third parties and there are no ads interfering with your email communications. You can connect to your mailbox over an encrypted connection both via the Webmail interface and with an email program. 

Webmail Platform

There are two options with our webmail.

  1. Traditional classic webmail
  2. Roundcube

Roundcube is modern, responsive, and is actively being developed. You can use it to access your email from anywhere using just a web browser.

Storage space availability is defined by the hosting account size you choose. We recommend our Elite Hosting if you plan to use either of the webmail platforms for storing your emails.

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