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Athletics Website & Mobile App

Athletic Directors have so much to keep track of.  With a streamlined athletics website, keeping everyone informed is easy.

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Schedules, Rosters, and Coaches Updated in One Place

Turpin Athletics Website Home Page and Athletics Mobile App
  • sports home pages
  • image slideshows
  • Twitter feeds
  • newsfeeds
  • upcoming events feeds
  • full schedules
  • rosters
  • coaches
  • news & announcements
  • standings and score history

Import & Manage Your Team Rosters

Easily import your team roster information from Google Sheets, Excel, or Final Forms for each sport.

Oak Hill Athletics Website Varsity Roster Example

Import & Manage Your Team Schedules

Whether you're using Google Sheets, Schedule Star, or Arbiter we'll make importing your data to your website a cinch.

A Varsity Football schedule displayed on an Athletics Website

Advance the Year

A favorite feature of Athletic Directors is the ability to advance to a new year.  It takes the roster, coaches, and schedules and cleans up the data so it's ready for next season with the push of a button.

Don't worry the data from years past is stored and available for public reference automatically for you.

It's the "Easy Button" for Athletic Directors!

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Turpin Athletics LOVES Legend Web Works!  Our website is simple and sharp and easy to navigate.  Our community loves it.  We are getting rave reviews!  Thanks to Jennifer, Addie, Kedrick and the crew for hitting it out of the park for us!

- Tony Hemmelgarn

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