What does architecture have to do with web sites?

October 26, 2011

No doubt when you hear the word “architecture,” perhaps tall buildings come to mind. The image of your web site might not surface. Yet, when you plan and develop a web site, you are in essence, building your organization’s web presence. At the same time, you are creating your site’s architecture, or rather, the means to improve your rankings with the various search engines.

Our team of developers, designers and SEO specialists works to create a search engine optimization strategy incorporating all of the many factors that go into rankings. We research keywords targeted for each page of your site and ensure that content on each page is focused and applicable. Keywords must be integrated into the content and be relevant! That is extremely important with search engines. In fact, Google regularly updates its algorithms in order to maintain the usefulness of its search results. Ultimately, if your site contains content that is relevant, the right people will find you when they type in a key word. That is the purpose of SEO! Make sure your architecture measures up with good SEO! Let Legend help you!