Are you in the process of changing your business hours?

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Making sure customers know about your new business hours is crucial, especially if you've decided to reduce hours of operation.

Notifying customers of changes through your website will place customer updates front and center. 


A few places to check:


  1. Home Page
    Check your Home Page for where you may have included your business hours and update them.

  2. Website Footer
    Where previously this information rarely changed, now you may need us to build in editing tools so you can change these anytime.  Send in a Support Request and let us know you need the editing tools.

  3. Contact & Directions Page(s)
    Many times the hours of operation are also listed on these pages as well.  Be sure you are updating the hours everywhere you have them posted.

  4. Sitewide Banner Alerts
    If you do not already have a banner alert message it's time to get one.  You can add a banner alert that displays at the top of every page of your site both desktop and mobile that will allow you to get your weekly and even daily changes front and center to every visitor of your site. 

    Banner Alerts can include messages for:
    • menu changes
    • online ordering
    • curbside pickup
    • delivery available
    • social distancing policies
    • capacity changes
    • contactless payment
    • temperature checks
    • mask requirements
    • new hours of operation
    • a link to another page where you are keeping the full details.
    • closures and restrictions

Click here to Submit a Support Request to let us know if you need editing tools for the hours in the footer or a sitewide banner alert and we'll get started.