Web Trends for Businesses

June 15, 2012

When people want to learn more about your business, the first place they’re going to look is your website.  Therefore, it’s important that your business’s website upholds today’s standards of web design.  After all, your website is your credibility.  And if people see an out-of-date website, they’re going to assume your business is out of date as well. 

No Flash Development Please

Some years ago, many websites were designed using the Adobe program, Flash.  However, as technology quickly evolved and mobile technology became more standard, Flash was no longer supported by many platforms.  Now many business websites continue to operate with Flash unaware their content isn’t viewable via mobile web browsers.  So if your business’s website still incorporates Flash elements, it’s time to update. 

I’m Going Mobile 

More and more people are continuing to adopt mobile technology as a primary method of obtaining information.  The success of iPhone, iPad, Androids and other mobile devices creates a need for a mobile website. Even if your business website is mobile compatible, it may not be mobile friendly.  If you develop a truly mobile website, it has a different look than your business’s traditional website.  Mobile websites for businesses have select functionality that directs the user to view certain information.  Remember, people often use their mobile devices on the go so it’s important that you direct them to the information that will ultimately lead them to take action one way or another. 

If you have these problems with your business’s website, it’s time for an upgrade. Contact Legend Web Works to learn about how we can update your website to make it compliant with today’s web standards.