Wayne Local Schools

May 6, 2016

In February, we launched the new Wayne Local School District website. We worked side-by-side with administrators to create a website that was functional yet visually appealing. We organized content to make it easy for parents to find and staff to update while keeping important information front and center.

How We Helped

Our team worked hard to create a website that looked great and was also functional. Parents can easily find calendars, forms, and other information as all these items are organized in the same location. This means that parents with children in different schools don’t have to spend time finding forms for each child. 

Parents also can easily navigate between the homepages for each school building as they’re laid out the same. This saves parents time and also helps the staff keep the website updated easily. 

Staff members can quickly edit specific parts of the website without having to change the same information in multiple locations. 

In an effort to bring effortless communication between the school and parents, we added a social media “pull” at the bottom of the homepage. This shows site users what the school is posting on Facebook and Twitter without users leaving the website. Additionally, right above the social media pull is the district news and upcoming events. 

With these four features so close together, parents, students, and other visitors can easily see what’s happening in the Wayne Local School district without leaving the homepage. 

Each school building has their own news page, too, so parents can read school-specific posts on the building’s news page. This makes it easier for parents as students transition between schools because the information is in the same place on each school page. 

Additionally, there is a staff page for teachers, administrators, and other district staff. This page contains important information for the staff as well as any documents or forms an employee might need.


The staff at Wayne Local School District can easily edit their website using the Content Management Tools provided. This allows them to change images, edit text, create pages, and more. 

Feedback From The Client

“THANK YOU!!” – Randy Gebhart, Waynesville High School Principal

“Thank you, good work!” – Pat Dubbs, Wayne Local School Super Intendent 

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