Upgrade your Facebook page to the new timeline today

March 30, 2012

Facebook recently announced all business pages will be updated with the new timeline layout beginning March 30th.  The new timeline gives businesses more control over content and engagement with fans; and we at Legend Web Works are keeping you informed about some of the new features.  See Legend Web Works Facebook page as an example.

New features include:

  1. Cover Photo- Where the standard profile picture often featured a business’s logo, the cover photo is an opportunity to express a brand’s identity. For instance, a bike shop could use a photo of the showroom floor giving customers a better idea of what they offer.
  2. Stars- In the top right corner of each post is a star icon that expands the size of the post when activated.  This is great for photos and videos because it takes an already visually stimulating post and increases its visibility. 
  3. Pinning- This feature allows a business to anchor their most important post, keeping it at the top of the page.  Therefore, this feature is ideal for a business running a limited time promotion or special product offering. 
  4. Admin Panel- Facebook’s update to the admin panel allows businesses to edit content, track activity and view page insights.  This is very useful for page administrators looking to measure what activities drive engagement.   
  5. Milestones- Business can record milestones that let fans engage with past posts.  Companies can add milestones to highlight important moments in their history allowing fans to gain a deeper understanding of the business. 

Facebook is evolving and it’s necessary for businesses to keep up.  At Legend Web Works, we offer solutions to maintain a business’s Facebook page that effectively implements these features for better content management and fan engagement.  

For more information, please call Legend Web Works at 513-492-9008 or contact us online, we would be happy to work with you.