The Village Parlor

April 15, 2016

The Village Parlor has been a staple in Lebanon for over 40 years.  

The owner came to us after a rebranding period looking to create a functional website that reflected the new branding. They were looking for something that had a “turn of the century” feel and also included information about the restaurant, such as store hours and location, since they draw in many tourists.

How We Helped

Using the Village Parlor’s new branding, our team created a visually appealing website that was easy to navigate so users could find what they’re looking for quickly. We kept the site simple so we could showcase what the Village Parlor is about: great food and delicious desserts.

The “Lunch & Dinner” page has the full menu listed, so people can look at what the Village Parlor has to offer before they step foot in the restaurant. On the “Ice Cream & Desserts” page, we took their dessert menu and broke it down into categories so people can easily find what they’re looking for.

Additionally, we made sure the history of the parlor was included on the website since it’s been a major part of the city of Lebanon for many years. Their “About Us” page gives the history of the restaurant, lists the films it’s been in, and has some local resources for those who may be visiting.


They’re currently utilizing our Content Management Tools so they can edit their website whenever they want.  We know business owners are busy and their time is valuable, so we kept the layout simple and we provided easy-to-use editing tools, which means the parlor owner can quickly change out menus or update the list of ice cream flavors.

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